Chapter 317: Ruan Ruan Is Missing

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Countless people in Shanghai coveted the beauty of the female lead, and the fiancé of the supporting actress was one of them.

After the supporting actress learned of this matter, she angrily came to settle the score with the female protagonist.

The supporting actress was a shrewish and domineering young lady. She rushed onto the stage and slapped the female lead. Director Wu shouted,” Ke ‘er, you’re not in the right mood. Let’s start again.””

Liu Ke ‘er nodded at Director Wu.” Alright.’”‘

He clapped again. After Liu Keer slapped him, she suddenly staggered a step. Director Wu had high standards for acting and could not tolerate any flaws. He frowned and said,” One more time!”

All the movements in the movie were not borrowed. Therefore, every slap from Liu Keer landed squarely on Ye Qingyu’s face.

Ye Qingyu was slapped by Liu Ke ‘er twice in a row, and her beautiful face was a little red.

She knew that Liu Ke ‘er was taking revenge on her by acting.

The two of them had long been resentful. This time, the female lead of the new movie was taken by her. It would be strange if Liu Keer did not have resentment!

Ye Qingyu knew what Liu Keer was thinking. If she couldn’t take the beating and lost her temper, Director Wu’s impression of her would be greatly reduced. If she didn’t lose her temper, she could only continue to be beaten by her!

The third take continued.

Liu Ke ‘er repeated her old trick and slapped Ye Qingyu, but she deliberately did not make a proper expression.

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Director Wu was furious and reprimanded Liu Ke ‘er.

Liu Keer claimed that she was not feeling well and hoped that the director would give her a few more chances.

This scene was contradictory and very important. The director said with a dark face,” Let’s take a break for ten minutes. Come over here and I’ll tell you about the scene!”

When Wen Ruan came over, she happened to hear Director Wu asking everyone to rest.

When Ye Qingyu saw Wen Ruan, she smiled and pulled her to the side.” Are you tired from the car ride? There’s still one more scene. I’ll take you out to eat after filming. ”

Wen Ruan looked at Ye Qingyu’s red and swollen cheeks and frowned.” Yu ‘er, what happened to your face?””

Ye Qingyu’s assistant came over with an ice pack. Upon hearing Wen Ruan’s words, she said indignantly,” It’s all because of Liu Keer. She’s jealous that Qingyu took on the role of the female lead and deliberately used the scene to hit her!”

After learning the ins and outs of the matter, Wen Ruan frowned slightly.

Back then, in order to increase the contradictions and conflicts in the story, she had written such a scene where the supporting actress slapped the female protagonist.

Looking at Wen Ruan’s serious expression, Ye Qingyu held her hand and said with a cold and arrogant smile,” What are you afraid of? I’m only bullied by her in this scene. She’ll be abused in a few more scenes.”

“Besides, Director Wu has strict requirements for acting and can’t tolerate faking it. I can still withstand it.”

Wen Ruan picked up the ice pack and applied it to Ye Qingyu’s swollen face. She then glanced at Liu Keer. Liu Keer saw Wen Ruan and raised her eyebrows provocatively at her.

It was as if he was saying, “Your heart aches for your best friend?” I’m sorry, but even if you feel heartache, you’ll only be beaten up by me!

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Liu Keer naturally knew that she would be abused by Ye Qingyu in the later scenes. Therefore, she would not be able to vent her anger if she did not beat Ye Qingyu up eight to ten times today!

Wen Ruan saw the scheming and vicious look in Liu Ke ‘er’s eyes. She curled her lips and laughed coldly.

The slapping scene was about to continue. Ye Qingyu went to touch up her makeup while Wen Ruan picked up her phone and sent a message.

Ye Qingyu had finished her makeup and was standing on the stage again. Her figure was curvy, her fair neck was long and beautiful, and the hem of her cheongsam had a high slit. Her straight and slender legs were faintly discernible.

Her eyes were seductive and enchanting, and every frown and smile was full of amorous feelings.

Liu Keer, who was standing below the stage, looked at Ye Qingyu with jealousy in her eyes. No matter what happened in the later scenes, she was going to give Ye Qingyu a slap in the face today!

Director Wu shouted, and Liu Ke ‘er immediately rushed onto the stage.

Just as she raised her hand, Director Wu shouted Cut again!

The assistant handed Director Wu’s phone to him.” It’s a message from Flying Heron in the Rain. She said that she changed the scene of the supporting actress hitting the female lead!”

Flying Heron in the Rain was a mysterious author who had been very popular on the Internet in the past six months. A few months ago, she wrote a healing youth novel, and two months ago, she wrote this novel about a legendary woman in the Republic of China. Once it was published, it became popular on the Internet.

Director Wu’s blood boiled after reading the novel. He tried his best to contact Flying Heron in the Rain and buy the copyright of the novel.

However, there was a condition in the contract between the two of them. Flying Heron in the Rain had the right to modify the unreasonable parts of the script and even suggested that Ye Qingyu should be the female lead!

In the beginning, Director Wu did not think highly of Ye Qingyu. However, after Ye Qingyu came to audition, he felt that she was the female lead in the drama!

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Director Wu attached great importance to his collaboration with Flying Heron in the Rain. When he saw her message asking for changes to the scene where the supporting actress slapped the female lead, he quickly replied to her.

However, before he could finish sending the message, he received the content of the edited scenes from Flying Heron in the Rain.

She changed the scene where the supporting actress slapped the female lead to two slaps and attached the reason for the change to the message.

After Director Wu saw it, he felt that what Flying Heron said made sense. He immediately called Liu Keer and Ye Qingyu over and told them about the changes to the plot.

After Liu Ke ‘er heard this, she felt terrible.

However, Director Wu’s words carried weight. She could not change anything unless she did not even want to act as a supporting actress anymore.

Ye Qingyu wasn’t a saint. She returned the favor that Liu Keer had given her earlier.

After a few failed takes takes takes, Liu Keer also received a few tight slaps!

In the end, the filming was still unsuccessful. Director Wu felt that the two actors were not in a good state. In addition, Liu Keer’s face was swollen beyond belief. He asked them to go back and rest for the night before filming tomorrow!

Liu Ke ‘er clenched her teeth so hard that they were about to shatter!

Which financial backer had taken a fancy to Ye Qingyu? Not only did he give her good resources, but he also helped her repair the script?!

In the restaurant.

Ye Qingyu was also dumbfounded. Her bright face was filled with confusion.” Someone deliberately suppressed me before, and now someone is secretly supporting me. Am I going to start having romantic luck?”

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Wen Ruan said,” Our Yu ‘er is such a beautiful little vixen. She will have more and more resources in the future!”

“Thank you for your kind words, hubby.”

Wen Ruan raised his glass.” Come, cheers.’”‘

Wen Ruan drank quite a bit that night and Ye Qingyu helped her back to the hotel.

The next day, when Ye Qingyu went to film, Wen Ruan was still unconscious.

In the afternoon, Ye Qingyu called Wen Ruan and asked if she wanted to eat together. However, her phone kept ringing, but no one picked up.

Ye Qingyu felt a little uneasy. Ruan Ruan should have woken up by noon, but why didn’t anyone pick up the phone?

After Ye Qingyu informed Wu Dao, she returned to the hotel.

She pushed open the door and saw Wen Ruan’s phone in the room. It was a few missed calls from her. Ye Qingyu looked around the room again but did not see

Wen Ruan.

Ye Qingyu went to the front desk to ask, but the front desk claimed that she had no impression of it.

Ye Qingyu’s bad feeling grew.

She found the hotel manager and wanted to check the surveillance cameras.

A living person would not disappear for no reason!

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