Chapter 318: Huo Hannian Is Here

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Ye Qingyu looked for the hotel manager and wanted to check the surveillance footage.

The hotel manager told Ye Qingyu that the surveillance cameras had been broken in the morning and that the maintenance staff would only be able to come in the afternoon.

The bad feeling in Ye Qingyu’s heart grew stronger.

The hotel manager saw that Ye Qingyu was panicking and could not help but comfort her.” Maybe your friend went out shopping. Why don’t you take a look later?’”‘

Although the film studio was located in the suburbs, there had been no cases of young women going missing in recent years.

Moreover, the other party’s friend was staying in the hotel. It was even more impossible for her to disappear for no reason unless she went out herself.

However, Ye Qingyu did not think so. If Ruan Ruan went out, it was impossible for her to not bring her phone.

Ye Qingyu was worried and went to the police station again.

However, she did not have any evidence to prove that Wen Ruan had been in an accident. The police would not file a case if it had not been 24 hours. Ye Qingyu applied for leave from the production team and waited at the hotel.

In the afternoon, Wen Ruan still did not appear.

Ye Qingyu was a little anxious.

She didn’t have enough connections in the Imperial Capital. If she wanted to find the missing Ruan Ruan, she would have to find that person!

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Although Ruan Ruan and him had no more interactions and they might not develop further in the future, a life was at stake now. Even if it was for their past relationship, he would still help to find Ruan Ruan, right?

At the thought of this, Ye Qingyu immediately picked up Wen Ruan’s phone and found Huo Hannian’s number.

Night fell, and the lights were on.

Huo Hannian was lucky that night. He had won several rounds in less than half an hour.

Young Master Zhou, who was sitting across from Huo Hannian, lost miserably.

Young Master Zhou glanced at Huo Hannian, who was still emotionless despite the chips piled up like a small hill on the table. He teased,” Young Master Huo, I’m curious. What can make you happy for once?””

Li Yanchen, who was sitting next to Huo Hannian, pushed up his gold-rimmed glasses. A faint smile appeared on his handsome and refined face.” Women. ‘”‘

“There’s a new batch of people in Yonghe Guild Hall. I heard that they’re all good-looking.”

Li Yanchen said,” Women are sitting at the side and watching the cards. It’s noisy.’”‘

Young Master Zhou raised his eyebrows.” Fine, you two can just be monks.””As he said that, he seemed to have thought of something and laughed again.” I’m still in a photo shoot with Young Master Jiang. Every time he’s present, there’s always a beautiful woman accompanying him. Have you heard that he’s recently taken a fancy to a little beauty from Imperial University!” Imperial University?

Li Yanchen glanced at the expressionless Huo Hannian. Huo Hannian was biting his cigarette with his thin lips. His eyes were deep and steady, as if nothing could affect his emotions. Li Yanchen pursed his lips.” Oh? Wasn’t he together with Wen Jincheng, that adopted daughter?”

“I was just playing around. When I saw something good, I changed my target again.”Young Master Zhou thought of Jiang Yu’s gentle, handsome, and deceiving face.” Don’t tell me, women like him. He’s always good at deceiving people. I heard that the girl he fancied this time is the prettiest girl in the department. She could have been the school belle, but with Jiang Yan’s pressure, many people didn’t dare to choose her.”

“Otherwise, she would definitely be the new school belle.”

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It wasn’t easy to be called the campus belle of Capital University. In Li Yanchen’s impression, the only one who could be compared to the campus belle of Capital University was Huo Hannian’s daughter.

Li Yanchen glanced at Hannian and asked Young Master Zhou with interest.”

Do you know his surname?’”‘

“I think his surname is Wen!”

As soon as Young Master Zhou finished speaking, there was a sudden bang. Huo Hannian pushed the cards on the table over and swept a sharp and cold gaze at Young Master Zhou with a strong and heavy sense of oppression. The man, who had been silent since the game started, said angrily,” Who is it?” Young Master Zhou clearly received a signal. Young Master Huo was furious.

“His surname is Wen, but I don’t know his exact name.”

The atmosphere in the private room instantly turned cold.

The others did not understand. Only Li Yanchen smiled faintly.

Huo Hannian’s jaw tightened as he stood up from his chair.

He walked out of the private room without saying a word.

As soon as she walked out, her phone vibrated.

When he saw the caller ID, his gloomy and fierce features eased up a little, and the stormy waves in his eyes suddenly faded.

He picked up the call from Wen Ruan.

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She went straight to the point.” Is Jiang Yu chasing you?

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a few seconds. Then, a cold and anxious voice sounded.”Huo Hannian? Ruan Ruan is missing!”

Huo Hannian’s first reaction was to hang up when he heard that it was not Wen Ruan’s voice on the other end of the phone. However, he quickly remembered that it was Wen Ruan’s best friend, Ye Qingyu’s voice.

“What did you just say? She’s gone?”Huo Hannian’s voice was as cold as ice.

“Yes.” Ye Qingyu told him about how she didn’t see Wen Ruan when she returned to the hotel in the afternoon.

After asking for Ye Qingyu’s address, Huo Hannian hung up.

Huo Hannian asked Zuo Yi to bring the men and drove three cars to the film studio.

The original three-hour car ride had only taken them an hour and a half. One could imagine how fast they were!

Ye Qingyu was worried and anxious. She waited at the entrance of the hotel and walked back and forth.

The sky was already dark, and after a long time, she saw three luxurious cars speeding over from the night.

Soon, they stopped at the entrance of the hotel.

Zuo Yi got out of the car and opened the door of the car in the middle.

Dressed in black, Huo Hannian got out of the car.

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His tall and straight body was so dazzling under the refraction of the light that people could not take their eyes off him. He was cold, noble, and unattainable.

Everyone in the hotel stopped and looked at Huo Hannian. Ye Qingyu was not in the mood to admire his handsomeness. She frowned and went forward anxiously.” Young Master Huo, you’re here?””

Huo Hannian’s jaw tightened, and his side profile was as cold as a knife. He asked in a low and cold voice,” No one at the hotel saw Wen Ruan?”

Ye Qingyu shook her head.” I asked the front desk and they said they didn’t notice. ”

Huo Hannian pursed his thin lips into a sharp line. Wen Ruan had suddenly disappeared from the hotel. No one without a certain level of ability would be able to get rid of her.

Huo Hannian turned around and looked at Zuo Yi.” Talk to the manager. Call everyone who works from seven in the morning to twelve in the afternoon to the meeting room. I want to question them personally.’”‘


Huo Hannian arrived at the hotel’s conference room. He stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, his eyes deep and cold, with a depressing and oppressive aura.

Zuo Yi was very efficient. It didn’t take long before he called all the hotel staff who were working in the morning over.

Huo Hannian asked them one by one and paid a large sum of money to reward those who provided useful information.

Not long after, a cleaner stammered,” I’m responsible for cleaning the 12th floor. I went to the bathroom in the morning. When I returned to the workplace, I found that the cleaning truck that stored the bedsheets and blankets was gone. I went downstairs to look for it and found the cleaning truck at the back door. At that time, a black commercial vehicle drove by, but I was only focused on finding the tool cart and didn’t think too much about it.”

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