Scandal Supermodel

Chapter 2164: 2164

Chapter 2164: bring her to family jing for further interrogation

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“I’m afraid there’s a traitor in the Jing clan, and he wants to frame someone else.” Huo Shen said lightly. He had obviously thought of this long ago.

However, he didn’t care about this at all.

An Xiaowan raised her eyebrows and looked over, only to hear him continue, ‘ “In any case, ye Jingyan is definitely not innocent. jing huan is alone in dibei city, so he can’t do two things at the same time.” the two clues referred to the theft of the jing family’s warehouse and the key in dibei city.

she must have an accomplice.

So, as long as they were not suspected, elder Jing would have to worry about the rest.

When an Xiaowan thought of this, she couldn’t help but laugh. She shrugged her shoulders and said, ” “Then I don’t care.”

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Huo Shen nodded slightly and put his arm around her slender waist. He squinted his eyes and leaned close to her ear, breathing out, ” don’t waste your time on boring people.

Then, he suddenly picked her up by the waist and carried her upstairs, ignoring her soft exclamations.

On the other side, Wang Sanhua had been taken to a car and was on the way to family Jing’s house.

she was a little flustered and kept looking around.

The subordinate who was standing guard at the side suddenly became a little impatient. can you not move around? behave yourself!

wang sanhua was shocked and quickly retracted his gaze.

after about half an hour’s drive, the car finally stopped in front of a luxurious mansion.

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wang sanhua was pulled out of the car.

this place was the jing clan.

she was in a daze and felt even more stressed when she saw that someone from family jing had come out to welcome them.

On the way here, her sister had already told her about family Jing’s power. Qianqian couldn’t help but feel scared when she heard that they used to be the most powerful dark family.

in the jing family’s residence, elder jing was already waiting downstairs in the living room.

his expression was slightly serious, but also a little relaxed.

half an hour ago, he had already received a call from special assistant luo and found out the general story of the matter.

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this matter had been put on hold for so long, and there was finally a result.

naturally, he was happy. what made him even happier was, of course, the fact that an xiaowan had escaped the charge. he now knew that his intuition was not wrong just because he was getting older.

He saw the woman who was brought in and raised his eyebrows slightly.

this woman looked too ordinary, and her eyes were wavering. one look and you could tell she wasn’t cut out for great things.

elder jing sat on the main seat and looked down at wang sanhua. his gaze was faint, but it was cold enough to make one shiver.

“how did you steal the key from jing huan?” wang sanhua trembled and said softly, ” it was Yingluo. She dropped the key in the lake. Yingluo saw it from afar and went in to fish it out in the middle of the night.

“Salvage? did you already receive the mission at that time?”

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Wang Sanhua was stunned again.

being stared at by that kind of gaze, and under the pressure of such a terrifying scene around her, her thoughts suddenly became chaotic.

“i’m yingying.”

“How did they know that you would be able to get the key in the end?”

“he ordered me to go to xuanji to steal it.” wang sanhua said in a trembling voice.

‘ but as far as i know, you’re not a servant who takes care of huan ‘er’s daily needs. how are you going to steal it? ”

Wang Sanhua was stunned, his eyes unfocused. He said ” I ” for a long time but didn’t say a word.

Jing Huan, who had heard about the incident, was slightly stunned. He quickly tidied up his appearance and ran down the stairs.

however, she was stopped at the door..

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