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Chapter 306: 306

Chapter 306: Chapter 184: Soul Hall Young Master

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Second Thought Soul Master!

“Li Li”

The Ice-Feathered Spirit let out a clear, sweet sound, expressing happiness for Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was a bit surprised himself. After all, among all his soul pets, besides Zhan Ye’s strength had increased significantly; other soul pets did not show much obvious improvement. It must be because of the continuous battles recently that he was able to progress to the Second Thought Soul Master.

After reaching the Soul Lord level, his soul power growth had become very apparent. Chu Mu still maintained a fifty-fifty split with the White Nightmare Demon. Fifty percent of his soul power was generally used for casting soul techniques and summoning soul pets.

“I haven’t learned any new soul techniques for a long time…” Chu Mu suddenly realized this after his soul power had increased.

Switching soul pets during a battle consumed a considerable amount of soul power, so many Soul Pet Masters would not use soul techniques at random in battle. However, this does not mean that soul techniques are useless.

On the contrary, the application of a soul technique could often change the situation in a battle. For example, Chu Mu possessed Blood Pupil Frenzy, which could directly increase a soul pet’s strength by five to six stages.

If Blood Pupil Frenzy was applied to Zhan Ye, and combined with the continuous improvement of the Courageous Sting’s Heart, Zhan Ye’s strength might reach an impressive Seventh-rank. This one soul technique could create a Seventh-rank strengthened Commander with greatly increased combat power.

Chu Mu mainly relied on the soul technique – Charming Pet, which could replicate his soul pets’ skills. Many times, Chu Mu did not worry about soul techniques.

As he encountered stronger opponents with more diverse attack methods and more unpredictable battle skills, it became more necessary to possess various soul techniques.

Undoubtedly, the price of a Soul Technique Book was extremely high, almost as expensive as luxury items like Soul Armor. A level 6 soul technique would cost about 5 million gold coins.

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Chu Mu had now reached the level of a Soul Lord and could learn seventh-level soul techniques. The price of a seventh-level soul technique was easily tens of millions of gold coins. All of Chu Mu’s current assets might only be enough to purchase one seventh-level Soul Technique Book.

Chu Mu’s soul technique – Charming Pet could replicate soul pet skills, even a seventh-level monarch technique like Sky Flame Ceremony. However, after replication, the Sky Flame Ceremony skill released by Chu Mu would be greatly reduced, similar to those Soul Technique Books with a relatively low degree of completeness. Chu Mu could only exert about 60% of the power of Sky Flame Ceremony. If he could purchase a higher completeness Sky Flame Ceremony soul technique, Chu Mu’s own Sky Flame Ceremony power could be further increased by several times.

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Qingzi’s soul sense suddenly came from the next room, seemingly sensing something unusual with Chu Mu’s spiritual state.

“I’ve advanced.” Chu Mu answered.

“Your speed of improvement is really fast…” Ye Qingzi said with a bit of admiration and envy.

“You should be close to becoming a Soul Lord as well, right?” Chu Mu asked.

“Yes, but I can’t break through this bottleneck.” Ye Qingzi answered.

Chu Mu’s guess would not be wrong. Ye Qingzi was now at the Nine Thoughts Soul Master level. As long as she could cross this bottleneck, she would also become a Soul Lord.

Among the younger generation, those who could reach the level of Soul Lord were few and far between. Chu Mu was also curious about Ye Family siblings’ true identities, as there were not many young people who reached their current level.

After chatting casually with Ye Qingzi for a while, the two entered meditation separately.

In the early morning, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi split up. Ye Qingzi was responsible for disposing of all the demon worm materials, purchasing some spirit items and soul armor, and improving their soul pets’ strengths.

Chu Mu, on the other hand, headed for Elemental City to inquire about Ye Wansheng’s news.

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During this period of time, Chu Mu had become quite trusting of Ye Qingzi, and he didn’t feel any misgivings about handing things over to her.

Colorful Dome City was a ninth-level city.

The city was not as bustling and vast as Nightmare Demon City, instead, leaning more towards being ancient and quiet. Because of the presence of Colorful Dome Mountain, this city located in Colorful Dome Mountain could not expand outward, so it remained a ninth-level city.

Colorful Dome City was, in fact, an “Elemental City.” The most common sight in the entire city was elemental soul pets.

Many cities had a similar layout. For example, a large trading place can always be found near the Soul Pet Palace. The most prosperous central area usually belonged to the superpowers.

Chu Mu easily found the Elemental Gate’s headquarters, which was more magnificent in Elemental City than in Langhe Domain. It was no doubt that Colorful Dome City was an essential place for the entire Elemental Gate.

What surprised Chu Mu was that the main hall of Soul Hall, which held supreme authority in the entire soul pet world, was actually located next to Elemental City.

Soul Hall only had one grand and magnificent hall, with four Soul Hall members guarding the entrance, cold and indifferent, not allowing any outsiders to enter the hall.

“Young master, would you like to go to the Soul Hall? The items controlled by the Soul Hall are mostly high-quality. For example, the Soul Techniques you are lacking now are mostly held by the Soul Hall. In addition, the upper-tier Soul Armor, Soul Beads, and Soul Hearts are almost monopolized by the Soul Hall…” Fox Elder said.

“Forget it, next time.” Chu Mu indeed wanted to go to the Soul Hall, but now it was better to find news about Ye Wansheng first.

Chu Mu was about to turn around and head to the Elemental City when a young man and woman walked out of the magnificent Soul Hall’s gates. The young man had an imposing appearance and a noble demeanor, giving people the feeling of being a distinguished offspring at a glance. His expressions and actions exuded a confidence and composure that was out of place among ordinary people.

The woman had a breathtakingly beautiful face, white skin like jade, and shoulder-length black hair. She wore a gentle smile on her face, following the young man at a leisurely pace, conversing with him in a low voice.

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This woman also had the temperament of a rich young lady, and due to her beautiful appearance, she easily attracted the frequent glances of the people around her.

“Strange, why did these two come here?” Fox Elder said.

“Do you know them?” Chu Mu asked. The young man and woman had no followers, but from their dressing and demeanor, they could be guessed to be people of status and position.

“I can’t say I know them, I just know them. How could there be people and things I, the Illusion Elder, don’t know? Back then, I followed the soul pet world’s number one master…”

“Get to the point.” Chu Mu tugged on Fox Elder’s ear, reminding him not to chatter.

“Ahaha, these two are famous young generation experts in Soul Hall. The young man is named Yu Lang, and the woman is named Feng Ya. I remember that a few years ago, they had already gained some fame among the young generation and had great potential. So many years have passed now, and they must be well-known by now. Young Master, if you can defeat either of them without using the half-demon…” Fox Elder said.

“Are they very strong?”

“Of course, at least I don’t think Young Master is their opponent. Perhaps Young Master may have a chance to win against that woman, but Yu Lang is very difficult to deal with. He is the son of one of the Seven Great Hall Masters of Soul Hall. Not to mention his talent, just the fact that almost every one of his soul pets is equipped with soul armor is already an abnormality. Recently, I heard that he has challenged experts outside of the young generation and won in the end…” Fox Elder said.

As a hot-blooded youth, Chu Mu would always feel a little emotional when he saw someone of his own generation who was stronger than him. So, he took a few extra glances at the young man named Yu Lang.

It seemed that these two Soul Hall experts, Yu Lang and Feng Ya, were also headed to the Elemental City. Yu Lang noticed Chu Mu’s gaze and glanced back at him. There was no obvious emotion on his face as he calmly walked past Chu Mu.

“Young Master, you will have to compete with this guy when you go to the Soul Hall with Her Highness the Venerate.” Fox Elder reminded Chu Mu.

Chu Mu just raised the corner of his mouth, but didn’t say anything as he headed toward Elemental City.

“Please show your identity.” As soon as Chu Mu stepped into the Elemental City gate, two of the guards spoke in a cold tone.

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Chu Mu looked at the man and woman who had just entered the Elemental City without showing their identity. As expected, these two people had a very high reputation, and they could come and go freely in other people’s territory.

Chu Mu took out the Soul Hall Order that Fox Elder held, indicating his identity as a Soul Hall member.

After seeing the Soul Hall Order in Chu Mu’s hand, the two of them immediately showed a surprised and incredulous expression, and looked at Chu Mu with some half-believing eyes.

“Is there a problem?” Chu Mu raised his eyebrows and looked at the two guards.

“Uh, could you please wait for a moment, sir?” One of the older guards said.

Chu Mu knew that the Soul Hall Order would not be fake, and he nodded indifferently.

With permission, the guard hurried to chase the man and woman, handing them Chu Mu’s Soul Hall Order for identification.

Both Yu Lang and Feng Ya took the order token. At first, they maintained a calm expression, but when they observed the level pattern of the Soul Hall Order, they were also surprised and specifically turned their heads to look at Chu Mu.

“It turns out it’s the Soul Hall’s Young Master, disrespectful, disrespectful.” After getting confirmation about Chu Mu’s identity from those two people, the guard ran up to Chu Mu and performed a courtesy, apologizing for his earlier cold and arrogant attitude.

The Soul Hall’s titles also have levels, and the Soul Hall Order that Liu Binglan gave to Fox Elder was a Deputy Order. Usually, this kind of Deputy Order is given by some people with a very high status in a certain field to their family members as identity tokens. Although they do not have real power in that field, they represent a very high status.

The level patterns on the Deputy Order and the Soul Hall Order are almost the same, and the level of the person holding the order token can be judged from this pattern.

After Chu Mu took back the Soul Hall Deputy Order, he entered the Elemental Hall. As soon as he took a few steps, he found that the man and woman seemed to be waiting for him on purpose.

“Since this friend is the Soul Hall Young Master, why is he so unfamiliar?” With a smile on his face, Yu Lang fixed his gaze on Chu Mu and asked.

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