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Chapter 307: 307

Chapter 307: Chapter 185: Comprehension, Ice-Feathered Spirit

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Chu Mu swept a glance at the Soul Hall youth expert and said nothing; he just indifferently walked towards the Elemental Hall.

Chu Mu had no idea about his position in the Soul Hall. He didn’t know what status his mother held in the Soul Hall or why he had the title of Soul Hall Young Master. Since he couldn’t explain it, Chu Mu simply didn’t bother to explain…

Yu Lang and Feng Ya didn’t stop Chu Mu; they just kept their eyes on Chu Mu’s retreating figure. It was only when Chu Mu entered the Elemental Hall that Feng Ya spoke: “This person probably isn’t our Soul Hall Young Master, maybe he just used the Young Master’s token.”

“Yes, I have met six of the eight Young Masters, and the other two have been constantly practicing outside, rarely appearing among the Soul Hall’s Seven Halls. This person may be the Eighth or Ninth Young Master, or even a subordinate of a Young Master,” Yu Lang nodded in agreement.

“So that means there’s a Young Master in Colorful Dome City?” Feng Ya asked.

“That should be correct,” Yu Lang nodded.

With this identity, it was much easier for Chu Mu to find out information about the two Elemental Gate members from Li City. From his informant, Chu Mu soon learned about their situations, and even obtained some of their basic information.

If the information was correct, the ones who took Ye Wansheng away were two powerful members of the Elemental Gate. These two were subordinates of Yu He, the Elemental Gate youth expert that Ye Qingzi had mentioned earlier. They were called Zhang Qin and Qing Li, and they held Sixth Level Titles within the Elemental Gate, no longer belonging to the young generation.

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Zhang Qin and Qing Li were both Soul Masters of the Eight Thoughts. Their main pets were roughly recorded in the information – an Eighth Rank Third Stage Ziyuan Thunder Demon, and a Seventh Rank 5th Stage Evil Flame Demon, none of which were easy to deal with.

These two had arrived in the Elemental City about five days ago and then went directly to the Colorful Dome Mountain. Moreover, they took a map of the Colorful Dome Mountain South-side from the Elemental City.

If they took the map of the South-side of the mountain, it meant that they planned to go there. The Colorful Dome Mountain stretched for hundreds of kilometers. It would be very difficult to find them if they only knew they were in the Colorful Dome Mountain, but narrowing down the search area could increase the possibility of finding them.

Now, if they could find out the purpose of their visit to the southern side of the Colorful Dome Mountain, they might have a chance to find these two people.

“Young Master, those two people are probably suspicious of your identity.” When Chu Mu wanted to leave the Elemental Hall, Fox Elder told Chu Mu through Soul Sense communication.

“What do they suspect me for?” Chu Mu glanced over and indeed found that the man and woman sitting on the golden bench were watching him from a distance.

“Here’s the thing, the Soul Hall has a total of nine Young Masters. Except for the Second Young Master and the Fourth Young Master, almost every one of them is a well-known expert in the field of Soul Pet Masters. The token you hold indicates your identity as a Soul Hall Young Master, but since Yu Lang is familiar with the Soul Hall’s inner workings, he suspects that you are a new face, and naturally he’s guessing which Young Master you are or whose subordinate you are,” explained the Fox Elder.

Chu Mu listened carefully to the Fox Elder’s words, as he mentioned the fame of several Young Masters in the field of Soul Pet Masters, rather than just the younger generation.

“So is my identity real or fake?” Chu Mu asked.

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“Of course it’s real. If judged by age, you would be the Tenth Young Master. However, since Her Highness the Venerate has always been low-profile and only a few people know that she has offspring, your identity as the Tenth Young Master of Soul Hall is initially unrecognized. Only when you reach World City and get introduced to the core members of the Soul Hall by Her Highness the Venerate, they will become publicly known, and your reputation will be gradually accumulated through your strength, making the Tenth Young Master identity a powerful symbol of strength and identity,” said the Fox Elder.

Chu Mu nodded, not fully understanding. In Chu Mu’s view, a Young Master should represent the eldest son of the highest authority in a certain power and should be unique.

But the Soul Hall has ten Young Masters, which might mean that the Soul Hall has ten supreme beings in power, indicating that the Soul Hall’s power is extremely vast.

As he left the Elemental Hall, Chu Mu deliberately looked at the magnificent murals in the hall. Among them, there were various dazzling patterns of ice crystals in the Elemental Hall. What surprised Chu Mu was that after the Ice Colored Glaze, there was a kind of energy crystal from the ice series that displayed the luster of pearls and gems.

“That’s Earth Immortal Ice Crystal; only the pinnacle of ice attribute soul pets have a chance to have this ice attribute power crystal. There aren’t many soul pets that can control the Earth Immortal Ice, and as for those that control the Heavenly Immortal Ice, I, the old man, can count them with my fingers…” The Fox Elder always liked to wave his short little hand when saying this; this time, as he waved, he looked at his raccoon claws and awkwardly withdrew his hand…

Chu Mu knew that the soul pets Fox Elder referred to did not only represent the soul pets owned by soul pet trainers. In this vast domain, there were also many wild overlords who were comparable to the top human experts but would never submit to humans, and soul pet trainers wouldn’t easily mess with them.

After leaving the Elemental Hall, Chu Mu went straight to the trading house.

Due to the time constraint, Ye Qingzi did not wait for the auction, but instead asked the appraiser to give an approximate price for the young soul pets and soul pet eggs, letting them pay what they thought was reasonable. Afterward, it was up to them to sell these items at whatever price they chose.

Chu Mu had 6 million in funds, which he had obtained after the battle at the Sky Demon Insect Nest.

Of the 13 Sky Demon Insect eggs and young Sky Demon Insects, the high-level Eight-Rank Sky Demons were sold for about 5 million. The other two Eight-Rank low-grade Sky Demon Insects were priced at 2 million each. So, the three Eight-Rank Sky Demon Insect eggs earned Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi a total of 9 million gold coins.

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The other 10 young Sky Demon Insects and eggs were sold for an average of 200,000 gold coins, yielding a total of 2 million gold coins.

The prices of soul pets differed greatly. Just a bit higher in talent, the price might deviate by hundreds of thousands. For example, the Eight-Rank strengthened Sky Demon Insect eggs and ordinary Sky Demon Insect eggs have a difference of tens of times.

Chu Mu still had three Seven-Rank Sky Demon Insect Soul Crystals and one Seven-Rank Ice Attribute Sky Demon Insect Soul Crystal. These four Soul Crystals were each sold for 1.5 million gold coins, totaling 6 million gold coins.

Deducting the 2 million gold coins Ye Qingzi spent on purchasing Ice Soul Grass materials for Chu Mu, the Sky Demon Insects and Soul Crystals fetched a total of 15 million gold coins.

Since the Ice Attribute Soul Crystal was Chu Mu’s personal property, Ye Qingzi took 7 million gold coins, while Chu Mu took 8 million.

In addition to the rewards from the Great Chu Noble Family competition, the kickback from Elder Tu, and the 3 million gained from selling the Four-Color Porcelain Spirit they captured, Chu Mu now had a total of around 27 million in assets.

27 million was indeed an enormous amount for Chu Mu in the past. At Jia Domain, Chu Mu still worried about the 5 million soul armor and 10 million full-state offensive soul armor, which he acquired by plundering the Yang Family.

Now, with 27 million in assets, considering a truly valuable Soul Lord Soul Skill would cost around 50 million, ice-colored glaze wasn’t something Chu Mu could consider at this level of strength. So, Chu Mu first spent 2 million gold coins to purchase a Seven-Level Thunder, Dark, Demon Spirit Tri-Attribute Soul Crystal to strengthen Night’s Dark and Thunder attributes.

The Seven-Level Soul Crystal’s effect on Night Thunder Dream Beast was not very significant, only increasing it by one rank, reaching the Seventh-Rank Second Stage. This situation was not strange, as Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Demon Spirit Attribute was already strong; external effects were somewhat immune to it. It could only significantly improve its strength through battle.

Zhan Ye’s equipment and various expenses added up to close to 40 million. His soul armor was complete, and a Level 6 Soul Crystal had been used to strengthen Zhan Ye. Unless a better spirit item was used, ordinary spirit items would have trouble enhancing Zhan Ye’s strengths any further; thus, there was no share of the 27 million in assets for Zhan Ye.

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The Ice-Feathered Spirit was the main focus of Chu Mu’s strength improvement this time, as he was in Colorful Dome City, a place full of elemental soul pets and elemental auras, with many spirit items available for purchase…

Based on Fox Elder’s advice, Chu Mu purchased 2,000 Ice Snow Fruits worth 20 million at the trading center.

Ice Snow Fruit is a Seventh-Level spiritual item, a special spiritual item that can catalyze a soul pet’s Power Crystal understanding. As long as the soul pet’s innate talent is not too low, consuming this Ice Snow Fruit can not only strengthen its Ice Element ability but also greatly increase the likelihood of understanding Ice Crystals.

“Chirp chirp”

Having delicious food, the Ice-Feathered Spirit was naturally overjoyed, like a clingy, innocent little boy…

“Don’t just focus on the taste. Once you’ve eaten the Ice Snow Fruit, start cultivating immediately. Absorb the ice energy into your body and soul,” Chu Mu reminded Ning.

“Chirp chirp”

The Ice-Feathered Spirit nodded his head, looking very obedient.

After swallowing the Ice Snow Fruit, Chu Mu immediately entered a meditative state and guided the Ice-Feathered Spirit to start absorbing the energy of the Ice Snow Fruit through soul communication.

Soon, the energy of the Ice Snow Fruit began to dissolve in the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body and was absorbed by the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body and soul.

Soon, a surprise occurred. When the ice snow fruit took effect, a cyan-white ice crystal formed within the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body.

The cyan-white ice crystal was Xuan Crystal ice, something the Ice-Feathered Spirit could only control through a Xuan Crystal Soul Orb. Now they had developed Xuan Crystal on their own. With the effect of the Xuan Crystal Soul Orb, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s Xuan Crystal had improved further, and its power should be 70-80% stronger than ordinary ice crystals! (To be continued. If you like this work, please come to Qidian ( and vote for recommendation votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)

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