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Chapter 308: 308

Chapter 308: Chapter 186: Colored Dome South Mountain, Sky Crystal Peak Monarch

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As the Xuan Crystal ice Crystal condensed, the Ice-Feathered Spirit’s body gradually underwent some changes. Its snow-white body became crystal clear, like a flawless ice sculpture.

The ice-cold aura on its body was also growing non-stop, gradually filling the Soul Pet Space of the Ice-Feathered Spirit, causing Chu Mu’s soul to feel the coolness.

The 20 million-cost Ice Fruit had a very direct effect. Even though the Ice-Feathered Spirit had recently gone through the Cold Spring Pool and the Xuan Crystal Soul Orb’s strengthening, its growth had reached Level 6 of the Ninth Stage!

The main effect of the Ice Snow Fruit is to strengthen Attributes and increase the enlightenment of Ice attribute soul pets. Under this situation, it is still very rare for the Ice-Feathered Spirit to improve by one stage.

The Ice-Feathered Spirit has already gone through many Spiritual Object Strengthening, and now it has reached Level 6 of the Ninth Stage without breaking through to Level 7. The main reason is still the lack of battle. Chu Mu needs to focus on training the Ice-Feathered Spirit, otherwise, no matter how many Spiritual Objects strengthen it, the Ice-Feathered Spirit will only have a gorgeous appearance without being able to use the powerful power inside its body.

“Rest well and stabilize this power,” Chu Mu said to the Ice-Feathered Spirit.

“Ling” With its strength increasing, the Ice-Feathered Spirit also let out an excited cry. It was slowly surrounded by blue-white cold ice, and began to control the Xuan Crystal formed inside its body, practicing the fine control of ice crystal power.

After taking the Ice Soul Grass and guiding the Ice-Feathered Spirit to digest the Ice Snow Fruit, Chu Mu had consumed a lot of Soul Power. After feeding the greedy White Nightmare Demon with Soul Power, Chu Mu immediately entered a meditative state to recover his Soul Power quickly.

When a colorful sunlight shone on Chu Mu’s window, Chu Mu slowly opened his eyes. After a simple wash, he took out the Soul Cores and fed his soul pets one by one.

Except for the Night Thunder Dream Beast, Chu Mu fed them all Level 6 Soul Cores. As the attributes of the soul pets increased, Chu Mu bought them more and more high-quality food, and the food for the soul pets in two months cost Chu Mu nearly 2 million gold coins…

“Wu wu wu” Little Mo Xie seemed to have stayed in the Soul Pet Space for too long and wanted to come out for some fresh air.

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Chu Mu didn’t like to restrain this little thing either, so he recited a spell to summon Mo Xie, who had just had breakfast, to his side.

“Squeak squeak”

The White Nightmare Demon immediately let out a cry, indicating that it also wanted to go out for fresh air.

Chu Mu knew the temper of this white demon. If it came out, it would definitely cause some destruction, so he decisively ignored its request.

“Let’s set off.” Ye Qingzi had also prepared everything and was obviously worried about Ye Wansheng’s safety.

Chu Mu nodded, summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast, and left South City with Ye Qingzi. They entered Colorful Dome Mountain South Mountain with different soul pet teams.

It generally takes more than four people to enter the habitat of soul pets for them to have the confidence to break through when encountering soul pet groups. There are not many people like Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi who form a team of two.

Stepping on the morning light and entering Colorful Dome Mountain not long after, Master Li hurriedly came out of the city and ran to Chu Mu at an amazing speed. He lazily jumped onto the back of the Night Thunder Dream Beast and lay there, panting heavily.

“What’s the situation? Did you hear anything?” Chu Mu glanced at Master Li and asked.

Master Li claimed that he had some friends in Colorful Dome City, who were all interested in various strange stories and might find out something.

“Young Master, I’ve been inquiring about the news all night. Let me, an old man, catch my breath first…” Master Li lay on the back of the Night Thunder Dream Beast, taking deep breaths.

After a short rest, Master Li got up, waving his short arms and said, “There is a towering Sky Crystal Peak in Colorful Dome Mountain South Mountain. A very powerful Monarch inhabits this mountain. According to insider information, some young experts from the Elemental Gate seem to be plotting against this Monarch, and they have also invited some experts from the Soul Hall to participate. If it is the scheming of the Elemental Gate’s younger generation, then those two people who took away the rogue should also be heading to Sky Crystal Peak.”

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Ye Qingzi was also listening. With a vast Colorful Dome Mountain South Mountain, it would be very difficult to find those two people. Now with some clues, her eyes brightened a little.

“If they invited the Soul Hall’s young experts, would it be the two we met yesterday?” Chu Mu asked.

“It should be. I saw them just leave the city when I left. Young Master can follow them to Sky Crystal Peak together.” Master Li said.

“Who are those two?” Ye Qingzi asked with confusion.

“Two young experts from the Soul Hall, named Yu Lang and Feng Ya,” Chu Mu replied.

“Them?” Ye Qingzi showed some surprise, apparently having heard of these two people’s reputation, “They’re quite famous.”

Chu Mu had been isolated from the world for so many years, naturally understanding the famous experts, after discussing with Ye Qingzi, they decided to wait for the two people from Soul Hall to appear, and then find some reasons to join them.

As expected, after waiting for a while on the road, the man and woman appeared, riding their soul pets on the mountain path.

“Starfield Devil Steed, White-eyed Abyss Beast, both are above seventh rank level…” Chu Mu could tell the Soul Pets of those two people at a glance.

The Soul Hall young expert, Yu Lang, was riding a White-eyed Abyss Beast, which was a commander-level Soul Pet. Among the commander-level domain, it was a top-ranked choice, not only possessing extremely powerful beast type combat power but also having the endurance that many Soul Pets could not match. Riding such a White-eyed Abyss pet through the streets of the city would cause a sensation since the White-eyed Abyss Beast was a king among the Abyss Beasts!

The female Soul Pet Trainer, Feng Ya, was riding a Starfield Devil Steed which was probably at seventh rank fifth stage. Starfield Devil Steed’s combat power was not strong, known for its speed, evasion, and stealth. From the gorgeous star points on the body of the Starfield Devil Steed, one could see that it had been strengthened with a demon spirit, possessing speed beyond a peak commander.

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Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi planned to follow these two to find the Sky Crystal Peak, but they wouldn’t be too obvious. Chu Mu guessed that the two of them should ask him again, so he deliberately pretended to train his soul pet to slow down the advance.

“It’s the guy with the Soul Hall Order yesterday.” Feng Ya noticed Chu Mu, who was training his War Beast Mo Ye, and spoke to Yu Lang beside her.

“Yeah, he’s kind of arrogant. I don’t know which young master’s subordinate he is.” Yu Lang, of course, remembered yesterday’s incident when he asked Chu Mu who he was, but Chu Mu didn’t answer.

“Their Dream Beasts are not bad; their combat power is not weak.” Feng Ya immediately focused her attention on the Dream Beasts of Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi.

Yu Lang nodded with a smile, riding the imposing White-eyed Abyss Beast past Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Friend, we meet again.” Yu Lang still maintained a friendly appearance and greeted Chu Mu.

Chu Mu played the game of pretending to be indifferent, just nodded slightly, and said nothing.

“Where are you two going?” Feng Ya was curious about Chu Mu’s identity, as the Soul Hall Order was not something that could be held by just any random subordinate. Even if it wasn’t the person himself, it had to be the most direct subordinate of the person holding the Soul Hall Order.

“Let’s head north.” Chu Mu replied indifferently.

Seeing that Chu Mu did not ignore him again, Yu Lang still maintained a smile and said, “We are also heading north. Since we are all from Soul Hall, let’s travel together; it’s safer.”

As Feng Ya rode the Starfield Devil Steed, she quickly struck up a conversation with Ye Qingzi, asking questions about the Purple Robe Dream Beast, while also taking the opportunity to ask about the situation.

“Young Master, these two people have a certain position and status within Soul Hall. If there is no absolute necessity, there is no need to clash with them.” Fox Elder reminded Chu Mu with his soul sense.

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Chu Mu nodded, knowing that making enemies everywhere was very dangerous. Chu Mu thought he could try to calm the situation with Ye Wansheng through these two people if they were working with someone from Elemental Gate. After all, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi did not have an absolute grasp of being able to deal with so many people from Elemental Gate.

“We are heading to Sky Crystal Mountain to help some friends from Elemental Gate deal with an old Monarch along the way, and walking around Colorful Dome Mountain to see if there are any rare and strange pets appearing…” Ye Qingzi, with her small talk, Yu Lang was not secretive, and directly stated the purpose of this journey to Colorful Dome South Mountain.

“What about you guys? You don’t look like you’re going for a training.”Feng Ya asked.

On the way, Fox Elder suggested that Chu Mu could tell these two people the truth. After all, if they wanted to resolve the matter without using force, they would still have to negotiate with someone from Elemental Gate.

“People from Elemental Gate? My friend here has had some conflicts with members of Elemental Gate not long ago. Her brother has been taken away by their people, and I accompanied her to search all the way.”

Yu Lang and Feng Ya were surprised, asking, “What kind of conflict?”

“It’s just a matter of soul pets, because of a Darkflame Sky Demon, there was some conflict at the time.”Ye Qingzi said.

“So, at that time, did you guys kill the other Soul Pet Trainers or their Soul Pet?” Yu Lang immediately asked.

If both sides are involved in the death of a Soul Pet Trainer or soul pets, it would be difficult to reconcile such conflicts.

“No.”Ye Qingzi shook her head.

Feng Ya put up a shallow smile and said, “That’s easier to say. When we meet with them at Sky Crystal Mountain, you can sit down and talk. Presumably, if they know that Brother Chu Mu is a subordinate of a young master, they won’t make things too difficult.” (To be continued. If you like this work, please come to Qidian ( to vote for recommendations, monthly tickets, your support is my biggest motivation.)

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