Chapter 668: Pouncing on her alluring Yu little nine!

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“Swish!” Bai Ye looked up at the reflection in the water and saw the unicorn walking over from the other side of the stream! The peerless beauty Yu xiaojiu!

Yu xiaojiu

How was this possible?

Bai Ye was completely dumbfounded, because Yu xiaojiu’s cultivation level was already at the mystic Thearch! The mystic Thearch!

He shouldn’t be able to enter. She had just seen some Old Mystic emperors who were at the end of their lifespans. They were unwilling to give up and wanted to enter this place to obtain a life-extending opportunity. In the end, they were crushed into powder by the purple waterfall on the spot.

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The man who walked toward her and stopped at the other side of the stream with a flirtatious smile looked exactly like Yu xiaojiu, whom she had met on the tree in Prajna village!

His black hair was like silk.

His peach-shaped eyes were dark red, and he was as handsome as an evil god. However, there was a faint mysterious and bewitching power in him. He was like a blooming poppy flower, a handsome man who had been planted in the depths of her heart!

“Little Jiu?” ah! White Night cried out in disbelief. He did not know if he had missed her too much, but he had directly conjured a “unicorn Prince “.

“Yes.” But she agreed!

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Misty mist

Her illusionary power was a little too strong, but she was very clear-headed! The aura of the unicorn and Yu xiaojiu was so real, as if it was real.

“You whined, whined, whined,” White Night, you “for a long time, then took a deep breath, and like a flying willow branch, pounced towards the other side of the stream!

Who cares if it’s real or fake, let’s hug first! You’ll know if it’s real after you touch it,

The result:

plop … she was pressed into a soft and warm embrace. She smelled an extremely familiar scent that she had missed the moment she left. It was real!

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Yu xiaojiu-” Bai Ye suddenly felt as if a flower had bloomed in his heart, and he was about to fly.

hehehe. Yu Jiu’s sexy and slightly hoarse laughter spread out gently, causing his chest to tremble. This made Bai Ye feel even more real.

Bai Ye was overjoyed. She hugged Yu xiaojiu tightly and rolled a few times among the spirit herbs, crushing the Level 1 and Level 2 Spirit herbs that were too lazy to run away. They squeaked in pain, but she ignored them! He felt like he would wake up laughing if he turned around and went to sleep. Yu Jiuchong let her have her way. After a while, he chuckled. are you happy?

“I’m happy, I’m happy!” Bai Ye’s eyes were so wide that they almost formed a line. This way, even if she went to the South of Taiyin for a hundred years, Yu xiaojiu would still be able to accompany her! How could he not be happy? all his worries had simply flown away.

However , you’re so bad. You didn’t tell me in advance and made me feel conflicted for so long! She almost broke up with him because of this.

Yu Jiuchong didn’t wait for her to finish complaining and bit her lips. you still dare to say that? I never wanted to make things difficult for you in the first place, but you! You want to break up with me. ‘

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“There’s no such thing! You’re talking nonsense, I don’t remember.” Bai Ye mumbled, then turned over and pressed the handsome man back down, shamelessly kissing him on the lips again, not giving him a chance to settle old scores.

“Pa!” Yu Jiuchong patted her butt lightly before hugging her tightly. This little girl didn’t know, even though he had already planned to give her a surprise.

But when he saw her leave with his own eyes, he couldn’t bear it! If she didn’t want to, would he? He would only be even more reluctant to part with her. He could no longer imagine the days without her.

If he couldn’t see her and couldn’t be angered by her, how boring would his days be? he would be no different from a walking corpse.

Yu Jiuchong clutched the back of her head tightly as he thought about it, wishing he could just suck and swallow her whole so that she would be one

with his bones and blood..

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