The Great Genetic Era

Chapter 1813: 1813

Chapter 1813: The Great Xi Clan Biding Their Time and The Counterattack of Xu Tui (1)

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“Commander Dongyu, if I may ask, how is the situation in the west, the north, and the south?” Although Xu Tui had an idea, he did not express it immediately. Instead, he wanted to know the exact situation.

“The Heavenly Gate City Pass in the west and the Heavenly Gate City Pass in the north have all been invaded by foreign enemies. They have all been pressed by powerful enemies a few days ago. Among them, the pressure on the Heavenly Gate City Pass in the north is the greatest. Over the past few days, they have all asked our forces for help.

“However, our Eastern Sky Gate City Pass is also being pressured by the enemy army. The pressure is huge and we can’t split our forces. It’s said that the

Southern Heavenly Gate City Pass has sent reinforcements to the Northern Heavenly Gate City Pass, ” Dongyu Jiajiu said.

Xu Tui’s heart trembled. As expected, the Great Xi Clan, the Muyas, and the

Spiritual Race had joined forces to attack the small universe of the Heavenly

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Court. It was normal that they did not encounter any enemies in the Southern Heavenly Gate Tunnel of the small universe of the Heavenly Court located on Ceres Star.

“Commander Dongyu, how’s the situation at the Western Heavenly Gate City Pass?” Xu Tui asked again.

“Lord Star Lord, the Heavenly Gate City Pass in the west has not been attacked for the time being. Although the traitors who attacked there were pressing on the border, they did not move. However, this group of traitors is the most sinister and good at scheming. Therefore, the Western Heavenly Gate City Pass has not been attacked for the time being, but they do not dare to be careless, let alone split their forces to support the Northern Heavenly Gate City Pass,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.

“Traitor?” Xu Tui asked in confusion.

“Don’t you know, Star Lord? Those traitors are the greatest cancer. They were once one of us. They are very familiar with the military system of our Heavenly Court, the tactical strategies, and the various military rules. We have countless brothers that have forever died in their woes. The kind whose souls will be destroyed.”

Dongyu Jiajiu gritted his teeth when he mentioned this. Xu Tui could roughly tell that the people who attacked the Western Heavenly Gate City Pass were most likely the Great Xi Clan. As expected, Dongyu Jiajiu said, “On the other hand, it’s said that those demon descendants had a huge misunderstanding with the Heavenly Emperors back then and had to start over.”

At this point, Dongyu Jiajiu seemed to have recalled Xu Tui’s status as the Ji Shui Star Lord in front of him. He felt that he had said too much and quickly corrected it, “Of course, it’s only a legend. We small fries don’t know about these insider matters.”

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It was indeed the Muyas who attacked the Northern Heavenly Gate City Pass. Furthermore, the attack was extremely fierce. It had only been a few days, but the garrison of the Northern Heavenly Gate City Pass had already started to ask for help.

Actually, Xu Tui really wanted to ask about the background of the Spiritual Race. However, this was clearly not the time to chat. Moreover, it was not convenient for Xu Tui to ask too many questions in the current situation.

“Commander Dongyu, the situation at the Eastern Heavenly Gate is so critical. The enemy has an army of millions pressing down on the border, but you commanders are fighting for yourselves. Moreover, you can’t take the initiative to attack. In that case, it’s too dangerous. I want to ask, is there any way or anyone who can command you to fight together?” Xu Tui asked.

“That’s the military system and the military orders! Star Lord, you should understand that there are powerful restrictions in the bodies and seals of our Heavenly Army. Once we disobey the orders, the consequences will be extremely serious. The restrictions in our bodies will immediately be activated, so…

“As for the method, it’s actually very simple. A higher-up will give us an order! For example, the great commanders, the nine-star marshals of the various garrisons, or the Heavenly King or the various generals will directly give the military order,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.

There was no answer that Xu Tui wanted. “Lord Dongyu, what else? As you know, the great commander, the marshals, and the others have been missing for a long time.”

“Other than that… According to the emergency regulations, the high-ranking officials in the Divine Court have the right to give us urgent orders,” Dongyu Jiajiu said.

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“Lord Dongyu, is it possible for me, a Star Lord, to do that?”

“Star Lord, you must be joking. In terms of level, you are only one level higher than us. There is no such thing in the emergency regulations.”

“Then who can?”

“This is actually not much. For example, the Five Elder Imperial Lords, the Jin

Wang Mother, and the Tung Wang Kung can do it. The Six Protection Great Emperors can naturally do it too. If the Three Pure Dao Ancestor has a decree, he can also decree the new Marshal.”

Almost as soon as Dongyu Jiajiu finished speaking, Xu Tui activated the seal of the Longevity Emperor of the South Pole and released the aura of the seal. Dongyu Jiajiu’s expression changed drastically. He looked at Xu Tui, who was below the city pass, and bent his knees. He almost knelt down.

The Six Protection Great Emperor was the supreme controller of the Heavenly Court. He was not the only one. The expressions of the other eight commanders guarding the city pass changed. Their auras and gazes looked at Xu Tui below the city pass at the same time.

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However, just as Dongyu Jiajiu bent his knees, he suddenly froze and shook his head. Something was wrong.

He was so close.

This was the aura of the Lord of the Shenxiao Prefecture, but it was a little lacking. Moreover, if the owner of the Shenxiao Prefecture really returned, the entire universe would definitely be shaken.

“Star Lord, where did you get the aura of the Shenxiao Prefecture Lord?” Dongyu Jiajiu, who had quickly stood up, asked.

“I have the seal of the Longevity Emperor of the South Pole.” Xu Tui thought for a moment and did not say anything else. He directly expressed this point.

He had already observed the changes in Dongyu Jiajiu just now. When he discovered the aura of the Longevity Emperor’s seal, he was about to bow down. However, he immediately stood up. It should be because he could not distinguish the aura of the Longevity Emperor’s seal..

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