Chapter 667: The half master of the eastern Palace (1)

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For the first time, the Xia family realized that Lulu was different from the little girl they had imagined who had fallen from grace and came to seek shelter.

Madam Xia took her son and daughter back to the capital and stayed at her mother’s house.

Perhaps his parents and brothers did not care. If he was more magnanimous, perhaps sister-in-law would let it go with a smile.

But the Xia family was a big family.

There was bound to be a lot of discussion and disdain behind his back.

Xia Yurong was young and impetuous back then. She was also obsessed with love and left her maiden family for a man.

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Back then, if she had gambled correctly, perhaps the Xia family would have thought highly of her.

However, she had made the wrong bet. After giving birth to two children, she was chased out of the Jiang family and became an abandoned woman.

The relatives didn’t care, but the branch families were not very willing and disdainful.

For example, eldest aunt’s eldest daughter-in-law, Madam Yu.

She was the daughter-in-law of the Xia family when they were at their peak, and her status was enough to match the Xia family. She didn’t have any feelings for the Xia Corporation, so she naturally wouldn’t respect her. It was also because of this attitude that Xia Qingqing was unhappy with Lulu. However, it was only at this moment that a sentence appeared in her mind.

A mother’s honor was probably due to her son.

“Eunuch Lu, have you asked Jiang Jiang to come over for dinner?” Lulu called out to eunuch Lu, and the latter’s stallion came over with its head lowered.

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The Xia family’s first aunt panicked.

“Lulu, be nice. Eunuch Lu is His Highness “favorite. Even your eldest uncle has to be very polite when he sees him in the court.” First aunt had seen eunuch Lu before. When he stood in front of the Crown Prince, he always looked a little haughty.

Even her husband had to be polite to her.

Seeing how Lulu ordered eunuch Lu around like a servant, the Xia family’s eyes twitched.

Lulu looked at her in confusion, then paused. “Eunuch Lu, you’ve asked

jiangjiang to come over for dinner. Have a better attitude.” After he finished speaking, he turned around and looked at the crowd.

Lulu didn’t understand why everyone was holding their foreheads in exasperation.

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“Lulu, His Highness is His Highness. However, His Highness’s status is noble. You can’t be careless. You have to pay attention to the rules that you should pay attention to. We can’t let others pick on us.” The old lady was a little worried. The words ” Jiang Jiang ” made her heart tremble.

Madam Yu stood at the old lady’s side, holding her daughter’s hand, her fingers gently rubbing the back of her hand.

First uncle’s mother, Madam Yun, looked at the nanny behind Lulu.”Nanny, you look like you’re from the earth Palace, are you here to teach Lulu the rules? The little young lady is not at our side, so we will have to rely on Momo to take care of it. ” As first aunt spoke, she took off a dark green bangle from her wrist.

The nanny’s expression changed. She waved her hands in fear and took three steps back, kneeling on the ground with a plop.

“I don’t dare, I don’t dare. Madam, please don’t scare this servant.”

“His Highness has said that she is the biggest rule. If miss Lulu doesn’t want to learn, then don’t. The last person who came to teach miss Lulu the rules was sold off.” The wet nurse’s face turned pale with fear.

“There are no nannies in the eastern Palace and no Palace servants who are familiar with the affairs. Only then did the Empress send this servant to serve miss Lulu. He didn’t dare to teach them the rules. Besides, Your Highness once said that miss Lulu is half a master of the eastern Palace, and she is the biggest rule.” Moreover, this child knew her limits. She could understand the rules that she usually used with one look.

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How would he dare to be as strict as Madam had said?

He was afraid that His Highness would skin her.

Everyone looked at each other. The eastern Palace was half a master! Xia Qingqing’s eyes were so red that they were about to spew fire.

“This … So that’s how it is.”

“Miss Lulu, the performance His Highness has invited for you has arrived at the eastern Palace. After the meal, please move to the front hall.” A Palace servant came over and reported in a low voice..

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