Chapter 668: Unimaginable pampering (1)

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Not long after, the Crown Prince came in wearing a robe with dark patterns.

His footsteps were hurried, his clothes were flying, and there was a smile between his brows.

The Xia family had always been at the edge of the Imperial court, and very few people in power valued them so much. This was the first time he was meeting the Crown Prince in private.

As soon as His Highness walked in, the Xia family members all got up and knelt on the ground.

Xia Qingqing knelt behind her mother.

They watched helplessly as the little girl, who was chubbier than her, bounced towards the Crown Prince. Her small Cannonball-like figure caused the expressions of the Xia family to change greatly.

It’s over. I hope the Crown Prince doesn’t faint from this collision.

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The Xia family’s hair stood on end.

Whoever knew …

The Crown Prince bent down and spread his arms, and the little girl actually ran straight into his arms.

“Slow down …” The Crown Prince’s expression was gentle as he gently placed her loose hair behind her ear.

you didn’t comb your hair properly. I’ll help you comb it again after I’m done. Lu huaijiang touched her smooth fur.

The Xia family members were even more shocked.

Her hair was combed by His Highness?

“Alright, I want to look good. Lulu’s clothes are broken. Brother Jiang Jiang made this for Lulu’s birthday, and Lulu couldn’t bear to throw it away.” The little girl mumbled with a bit of grievance. Lu huaijiang pulled her sleeve and glanced at her.

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He must have died somewhere when he was naughty.

brother Jiang Jiang will make it up to you after lunch … Lu huaijiang said in a low voice.

The Xia family members swallowed their saliva. His Highness personally embroidered the clothes for her?

His Highness, the Crown Prince who was busy with state affairs, was making clothes for you?

“Get up. You’re all Lulu’s family. Don’t stand on ceremony, ” Lu huaijiang held Lulu’s hand and carried her to the main seat.

Old Mrs. Xia took a deep breath. Her fingers trembled, and eldest Mrs. Xia reached out to support her.

The two of them looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes.

“Thank you for taking care of Lulu, Your Highness. This child has always been unruly, so I’ve troubled Your Highness.” Old Madam Xia personally bowed to the Crown Prince.

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No matter what, he had to say it beautifully.

The Crown Prince didn’t seem to mind. He was completely focused on Lulu.

At the banquet, no one spoke.

However, His Highness would put food into Lulu’s bowl, feed him water, and wipe his mouth from time to time.

Even when she only cared about eating meat and refused to eat vegetables, His Highness still paid attention to her.

“Eat slowly, don’t accumulate food. This Imperial chef was requested by bengong from His Majesty. In the future, he will stay in the eastern Palace to cook for you.” The Crown Prince wiped his mouth and saw that she was eating happily, but there was a thin layer of sweat between his brows.

“Add some ice basins.”

Eunuch Lu immediately left to give his orders.

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Jealousy flashed past Xia Qingqing’s eyes. Everyone said that His Highness was cruel and merciless, but His Highness doted on Lulu very much. Even her father was not as good as her.

After everyone in the Xia family had their meal.

Xia Qingqing suddenly laughed and said, ” little aunt is used to eating Royal food. What if you’re not used to it when you go home in the future? what should we do? ” It won’t be easy to change when the time comes.” His brows were filled with worry.

The Crown Prince did not even look up at her,”why change?” We have the conditions to do so.” After saying that, he hooked Lulu’s nose.

“Lulu likes to eat, so he’ll eat it for the rest of his life. When you’re home, you’ll bring the Royal chef back. You can take everything you like to wear and wear. The eastern Palace only has one little ancestor, you. If I don’t give it to you, who should I give it to?” Lu huaijiang didn’t even look at Xia Qingqing the entire time.

She was not worthy.

Old Mrs. Xia took a sip of tea and looked at her granddaughter.

She suddenly felt that perhaps this child was not just spoiled.

It even made her have thoughts that she shouldn’t have..

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