Chapter 322: Chapter 259: The Honored of All Immortals, The Ancestor of all Dao

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Ultimately, regardless of how much thunderous tactics the emperor before his eyes might exhibit after ascension to the throne, how wisely he might perform, or how heroic his actions, he still was, at the root, just a sixteen-year-old boy.

If he could stay unmoved by the horrific price Pei Xuanjing talked about, if he had no feelings about it and agreed decisively…

Then Pei Xuanjing would be somewhat worried – worried that the other party was playing him or if he was just innately heartless and ungrateful.

Either of these possibilities would reveal how terrible the other party could be, certainly not the type of collaborator Pei Xuanjing wished for.

Pei Xuanjing would rather slow down his plans than to seek a partnership with a cold, ruthless person, because that would leave a major catastrophe.

The emperor’s face showed a struggling, hesitant expression, having trouble making a decision in this moment.

The current emperor recently ascended the throne as a teenager, holding dreams and ambitions within his heart. He desired immortality and was willing to pay the price. But the price Pei Xuanjing spoke of was undoubtedly too heavy, making him struggle to decide.

He wished for immortality, but likewise, he didn’t want to become a tyrant despised by all in the future.

Suddenly, he looked at Pei Xuanjing who seemed tranquil, an idea flashing through his mind, leading him to some crucial points.

“If the plan fails, what would become of you, Master Pei?” He asked Pei Xuanjing solemnly.

Exactly, if he chose to cooperate with Pei Xuanjing, should he fail, what would happen to Pei Xuanjing?

In recent times, other than dealing with court matters, a significant portion of his thoughts were on this grand master’s experiences, carefully studying them.

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He found that this grandmaster, rising from insignificance, despite encountering numerous dangers and perilous situations, seemed blessed by heaven each time, turning danger into safety, not only overcoming threats but also emerging the largest beneficiary.

Since the other party wished for his involvement in the plan, it was undoubtedly driven by tremendous faith. The consequences of failure he described were indeed frightening, but did not mean inevitable failure.

If failure was inevitable, then why would the other party waste so much effort?

“If one day failure does occur, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape unscathed,” replied Pei Xuanjing.

Indeed, although Pei Xuanjing had confidence in his plans, he was not blindly self-assured, believing himself infallible and that everything would go according to his design.

He understood how grand his plan was, the great rewards success would yield, but also the unimaginable prices failure would cost.

Even with his power and the simulator in his hands, there was no guarantee of coming out intact when that time came. Even whether Pei Xuanjing would be Willing to nang on to dear lite remained uncertain.

The establishment of a divine kingdom on earth and the founding of a supreme imperial court were merely the first steps in Pei Xuanjing’s plan.

What he desired more was to take advantage of another chance for Heaven and Earth to reset, swallow up the world, and encompass this world, then use it to upgrade, for all beings to ascend with him to immortality.

Going it alone to become immortal may offer freedom, but it’s too lonely.

Pei Xuanjing wanted: when one achieves the Tao, all others become immortals.

He wanted to pave a path to immortality, for the people of the world to follow him and become immortals, to be the pioneer, the supreme of the immortals, the ancestor of all ways.

He wanted to step into the river of time, to travel upstream, to see what really happened in the grand eras of the Tang Dynasty, Divine Han, Pre-Qin, and so forth, to see what was eradicated in the flow of time.

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This grand idea surfaced in Pei Xuanjing’s heart during his time on Dragon Tiger Mountain.

The emperor didn’t know of Pei Xuanjing’s ambitions. He could only sense the aura emitted from Pei Xuanjing.

The aura mixed with complex emotions of the unknown future, immense ambition, and overflowing confidence.

“If the grand master is willing, how could I dare not?” The emperor spoke solemnly, his youthful face filled with determination.

Upon hearing this, Pei Xuanjing met the emperor’s gaze directly. The emperor held Pei Xuanjing’s gaze steadily, full of determination and resolution, not yielding an inch.

“Excellent!” Pei Xuanjing laughed heartily, loudly saying, “I admire your highness’s ambition.”

“I just hope the great sage doesn’t disappoint me!” declared the Emperor solemnly.

He had already made a decision and naturally hoped not to lose.

He knew what a huge cost was at stake behind this, a cost that was too great for him to bear.

Originally, Taigong hoped to directly hook Angling King Wen to establish the Heavenly Zhou Divine Dynasty.

So today he did not know if Pei Xuanjing, with a single book, had managed to hook his heart for longevity and whether it would allow him to achieve eternal life.

Pei Xuanjing responded with a calm smile, his confidence underscoring his words.

Deep breaths…

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The Emperor took a deep breath and made another decision.

He addressed Pei Xuanjing: “I, for a long time, have admired the great sage, I want to apprentice under you. I wonder if you would accept me as your student. ”

He knew that his collaboration with Pei Xuanjing was not solid due to their superficial relationship. Accepting Pei Xuanjing as his teacher could strengthen their bond.

Although he did not think that Pei Xuanjing, as a strong figure, would be bound by such a relationship, it was preferable to stand under a big tree for shade. Having Pei Xuanjing as a teacher would be greatly beneficial in handling court affairs.

Pei Xuanjing understood the Emperor’s thoughts but did not respond immediately, remaining silent as he pondered.

Contrary to the Emperor’s expectations, Pei Xuanjing was very cautious about taking on apprentices. It was not a matter he took lightly.

If it was indeed so, he would not have taken Pang Hong as his disciple after such a long period of following him; he was rightfully on his list of disciples.

He spoke slowly: “If Your Majesty is indeed sincere, I can only accept you as a nominal disciple. Whether or not you become my personal disciple in the end is something to be seen in the future.”


The Emperor paused, initially irritated by Pei Xuanjing’s response. He felt insulted to be considered only a nominal disciple despite his status.

However, he quickly understood that this was likely not the case and that he might have misjudged Pei Xuanjing. If Pei Xuanjing had been a desperate ambitious figure, he wouldn’t have made things difficult for him in this matter; he could have easily taken him in as a disciple.

Having pondered this, he let his anger dissipate. He stood up and bowed to Pei

Xuanjing: “Disciple Zhu Houji pays respects to the teacher.”

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Pei Xuanjing did not avoid it, he accepted the Emperor’s bow and said: “As I have agreed to take you as a disciple, I should give you a welcoming gift.”

After pondering over, he pulled out the half of the Shenxiao Blade from the sleeve of his robe, and passed it over.

“This was originally part of my Shenxiao sword. Although it’s only a Thousand Refinement Divine Weapon, it bears my sword intention and has extraordinary power. When activated with True Qi, it can inflict unmeasurable harm. It can serve as a protection weapon for you.”

At this moment, he addressed the Emperor as “you”, obviously considering him as his disciple rather than the Emperor of the Great Ming.

“Thank you, teacher!” Zhu Houji respectfully accepted it.

At this moment, he also considered himself as Pei Xuanjing’s disciple rather than the emperor.

Pei Xuanjing continued, “I shall give you a Taoist name so that I can address you appropriately in the future, is that okay?”

“Thank you, teacher.”

“Since you are wholeheartedly seeking longevity, why not take the name ‘Ziji’?” suggested Pei Xuanjing after some thought.


The Emperor was very satisfied with the Taoist name: “Disciple Ziji pays respects to the teacher.”

At this moment, the fishing rod trembled, as if a fish was hooked..

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