Chapter 323: Chapter 260: Ingenious Use of Yin Spirit, Ascend to Dragon Tiger Again

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On the third day after the Emperor returned from Pei Xuanjing, another decree was issued. The Emperor named Pei Xuanjing as the country’s celestial teacher and announced to the world that he had taken him as a mentor. The reactions varied, but none could change the Emperor’s decision.

Once ignored by the Emperor, Wang Qiong was trusted again. The Emperor not only bestowed upon him a higher rank and generous rewards but also tasked him with cleaning up the bureaucracy, suggesting that a thorough reform of the court was underway.

Wang Boan was also employed by the emperor, serving as the Minister of War in Nandu and being conferred with the hereditary title of earl.

Besides the court affairs, with the Emperor’s cooperation, Pei Xuanjing’s people began to infiltrate various regions, spreading across the entire Great Ming territory. According to the original tactics to build the Divine Dynasty, they began to construct points for the magic formation at key places.

Three months later, Pei Xuanjing moved into the newly built Shenxiao Sect Taoist Temple. Apart from cultivation and refining Taoyun, he barely participated in worldly affairs.

Other than the Emperor who visited his Taoist temple once every half month, Pei Xuanjing refused all other meetings and visits, as if he had cut himself off from the world.

In this way, everything continued to proceed in an orderly manner.

After a year, Pei Xuanjing had fully grasped various uses of his Yin Spirit, and the distance his Yin Spirit could leave his body had increased.

During the night, once his Yin spirit left his body, it could freely roam and fly within the entire Capital city. The magnificent feeling had Pei Xuanjing completely immersed, unable to extricate himself.

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However, at this moment, news from all directions reached him. The magic formation of the True Martial Sect was fully prepared. All it needed was some time, and it could be activated.

Finally, Pei Xuanjing ended his secluded cultivation, and along with Yu Zhenzi and others, he headed to Taihe Mountain.

“Several years passed in a flash, yet Taihe Mountain remains as towering as before!” Pei Xuanjing, now standing on a peak on Taihe Mountain, looked at the timeless and majestic mountain in front of him, and couldn’t help but sigh.

“Taihe Mountain is as towering as ever, but you have undergone drastic changes.” Next to him, Qingyang Zi looked at him enviously: “Tsk, Spirit

Realm. The first person to achieve this since the Tang Dynasty, even Ancestor

Sanfeng might be a bit inferior to you!”

As a disciple of the True Martial Sect, Qingyang Zi grew up hearing about the legendary deeds of Ancestor Sanfeng. In his heart, Ancestor Sanfeng was a godly figure and the first legendary person in history, with hardly anyone equal to him.

However, he never thought that the raw young man he first met would break countless shackles that many heroes have been unable to break in a thousand years, stepping into the Spirit Realm within a decade.

It was for this reason that he was so amazed.

Pei Xuanjing shook his head: “It’s just a matter of good timing and coincidence. ”

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Without the help of the simulator, he might have ended up living an obscurity life like his adopted mentor, dying of old age without achieving anything.

Even though he broke the shackles and entered the Spirit Realm before Heaven and Earth revived, it doesn’t mean his talent was really as exceptional as Qingyang Zi said, being the first since the Tang Dynasty.

Upon further thought, Pei Xuanjing concluded that he might have just been luckier than those stronger than him.

“…Opportunity is also part of one’s strength.” Qingyang Zi said in a low voice.

Being quite familiar with Pei Xuanjing, he naturally understood that in reality, Pei Xuanjing’s innate talent was not extraordinary. Even when Pei Xuanjing first advanced into the third-grade martial artist realm, he was just mediocre.

Yet who could have imagined that the initially ordinary young man would achieve what numerous Martial Arts grandmasters in thousands of years have been unable to achieve.

“Hehe.” Pei Xuanjing just smiled and didn’t speak.

In the meantime, using the Emperor, he had obtained many classic books from the royal collection. The deep foundation of the Great Ming royal family was indeed impressive. Pei Xuanjing took advantage of this opportunity to read many martial studies and learn many secrets unknown to others. For example, a martial artist’s innate ability is not fixed at birth and unchangeable.

Besides the initial stage of a martial artist’s cultivation where countless heavenly treasures are used to nourish the body, and a stronger person personally performs the Bone Tempering and Marrow Washing, the only chance to improve one’s innate ability occurs when a martial artist breaks through the third-grade realm.

According to the scriptures, although a martial artist could gradually improve his martial arts talent after reaching the Upper Three Realms by undergoing blood renewal and reincarnation, to truly change his innate talent, a martial artist needs to step into the Spirit Realm.

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Qingyang Zi didn’t know what was going on in Pei Xuanjing’s mind and seeing that he didn’t want to talk much, he didn’t pursue the topic any further.

After all, even though Pei Xuanjing still treated him as he did before, their positions were no longer the same.

“It’s about time.” He said to Pei Xuanjing.

Pei Xuanjing nodded his head: “It’s about time.”

The two of them jumped and rushed towards a peak on Taihe Mountain.

Today was the day they set to execute their plan.

All the years of hard work and effort were counting on this day.

Qingyang Zi also couldn’t help but feel excited.

He understood that if Heaven and Earth hadn’t revived, with his talent, breaking through the first-grade realm had already consumed a lot of his potential. This lifetime, no matter how hard he cultivates, it would be asking too much to break through the Spirit Realm, let alone reaching the level of his senior brother Daoist Qingxu.

After all, don’t look at how Pei Xuanjing easily stepped to the pinnacle of Martial Arts in a few years and even went a step further.

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The reality was, like Daoist Qingxu and the Old Celestial Master of Dragon Tiger Mountain, they all spent countless efforts and hardships to get where they are now, even though they had superior talents.

But now this plan gave him a glimmer of hope. If Heaven and Earth revived, he might be able to take this opportunity to go a step further.

With such a thought, countless martial artists like Qingyang Zi were willing to join this plan.

One could say, this was the general trend, the will of the people.

On top of the mountain peak, Pei Xuanjing, Daoist Qingxu, Old Celestial Master, Bai Xiaosheng, Daoist Xuanming, and the head of Chunyang Sect, Chunyang Zi, gathered.

In front of them, not far away, was a formation they had laid down using countless treasures and resources.

Pillars of different sizes made of Mysterious Iron combined with gold were set up, accompanied by a complicated magic formation on the mountain peak.

There were precisely 12,960 formations placed in every province controlled by the True Martial Sect, coinciding with the number of One Yuan.

The formation they were currently standing on was the core of this large formation. Once activated, it’d cause the heavenly scene to change, linking all formations placed in every province.

Daoist Qingxu looked around at everyone and pronounced: “Gentlemen, please enter the formation and follow my command to act together..”

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