Chapter 324: Chapter 261: Revival of Heaven and Earth 1

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Pei Xuanjing and the others simultaneously responded, and then each made their leap onto a previously assigned Mysterious Iron Pillar. They either sat or stood, posing differently.

In addition to them, there were another two elders from the Zhenwu Sect, who leapt to the Yin Yang Fish placed at the center of the formation. Each of them occupied a side and sat opposite each other.

Both elders of the Zhenwu Sect were very old, nearly at the end of their lives. They volunteered to be the test subjects in this seal bestowing plan, trying to seize that one chance of staying alive.

After everyone settled in their respective positions, Taoist Qingxu also leapt to the core of the formation.

They had discussed and practiced everything many times beforehand so there was no need for repetition. All of them simply closed their eyes to rest and waited for the time to come.

The time came just as the high noon sun hung above.

The Taoist Qingxu who had been resting with his eyes closed abruptly opened his eyes, and proclaimed deeply: “Taoist friends, the time has come.”

Everyone heeded his warning and opened their eyes almost at the same time he did.

A streak of divine light flashed in the profound eyes of Pei Xuanjing.

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“Begin! ”

Upon hearing Taoist Qingxu’s command, Pei Xuanjing didn’t hesitate to circulate his internal True Qi. However, this fiercely surging True Qi didn’t disperse, but instead flowed into the Mysterious Iron Pillar he sat on, under his control.


The massive Mysterious Iron Pillar began to resonate with a deep humming sound. As Pei Xuanjing’s True Qi circulated, the pillar slowly emitted a dim glow, growing progressively brighter.

Soon, the True Qi circulated along a predetermined path towards the Yin Yang Fish where the two elders of the Zhenwu Sect sat, congregating there.


It should be noted that whether it was Pei Xuanjing or Old Heavenly Master, all gathered here today were not the weak. Their accumulation of True Qi was unfathomably deep and extraordinarily pure.

An unknown quantity of True Qi congregated here, generating countless waves of Qi, and enveloped the two elders of the Zhenwu Sect within.

Luckily, they were merely releasing their True Qi and held no other intentions. Otherwise, with such tremendous exertion of True Qi, even if the two were first-grade martial artists, they would still be torn into pieces by the rampant Qi; it would be impossible for them to resist.

While the two were struggling against the massive Qi, Taoist Qingxu finally made his move.

His robe fluttered as he manipulated complex hand seals with nimble fingers. As he began an incantation, the surging True Qi seemed to heed his command, slowing down and swirling around the Yin Yang Fish.

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But everyone knew that this was only a temporary calm. As more True Qi congregated, the force they contained would grow more terrifying. Once unleashed, it would be an earth-shattering explosion.

“Long Life Daoist, your move.” Taoist Qingxu exclaimed.

“Sure!” Pei Xuanjing replied. He then gradually begun to release his aura, whereupon a dreadful aura slowly rose from him.

This vast amount of True Qi would usually require many experts working together to guide.

But as Pei Xuanjing’s Yin Spirit had already formed, controlling such massive True Qi might be difficult for other strong practitioners, but it was easy for him. It was hardly worth mentioning.

However, Pei Xuanjing released his Yin Spirit’s aura slowly and did not launch a sudden attack.

After all, he was currently under Heaven and Earth’s scrutiny. If he abruptly released his Yin Spirit’s aura, he would probably be targeted by the Yin Shen

Thunder Tribulation from the unknown before he could circulate his True Qi.

Pei Xuanjing divided his concentration to manage both tasks. On one hand, he was continuously infusing True Qi, while on the other, he was controlling the massive amount of combined True Qi with his Yin Spirit.

The moment Pei Xuanjing released his Yin Spirit’s aura, all the strong practitioners present couldn’t help but feel startled. Such terrifying aura gave them an indescribable, stifling feeling.

It was similar to the oppressive sensation prey felt when facing a large predator—deeply rooted in their souls as an instinct engrained within their bodies.

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They couldn’t help but look in Pei Xuanjing’s direction. They saw him sitting silently with his robe fluttering, and his figure elusive, as if he had ascended to a state of ethereality.

In an instant, silently, the celestial view above their heads began to change. The sky slowly started to darken. Within moments, what was initially a bright, sun-drenched noon turned into a gloomy, dark sky. The mournful wind was howling around them, creating an eerie, wolfish cry.

The dark cloud, heavy enough to shatter a city, cast a daunting atmosphere on everyone present.

This oppressive feeling didn’t come from somewhere else but from Heaven and Earth. It appeared as if their actions had offended the cosmos, causing them to feel the wrath of Heaven and Earth, causing everyone to feel a weight in their hearts.

At this moment, the sudden sound of distant thunder began to resonate across the sky.

Bright and dazzling lightning tore through the sky, bringing a glimmer of light to the dismal cosmos.


A massive lightning bolt exploded in the sky, resembling the Cosmic Thunder from the chaos of the world’s origins.

A miraculous moment appeared: countless sparkling stars appeared in the sky, dangling down strands of starlights randomly suspended.

“Thank you, Taoist friends, it is now up to me,” Taoist Qingxu, seeing this, rejoiced and declared loudly.

He then started to circulate his True Qi, Martial Dao True Qi enveloping the surroundings. His booming voice, accompanied by his True Qi and Martial Dao true intention, spread as far as dozens of miles:

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“Tai Chi Great Dao, with softness and hardness, in mutual aid with change, without constancy. …”

He was reciting the Tai Chi Great Dao Song of the Zhenwu Sect, to be used for resonating and harmonizing. If needed, it could also be replaced with the Daoist proverb from the Heavenly Jade Pine Book, the Three-Sanctuary Doctrine of Dragon Tiger Mountain, the… from Baiyun Temple—any of these are unimportant.

The numerous disciples, who had been sitting in the Zhenwu Sect’s main hall’s square, naturally began to recite together when they heard the Sect Leader reciting the Tai Chi Great Dao Song.

This Tai Chi Great Dao Song was purportedly what Ancestor Sanfeng practiced, and the Tai Chi Great Dao routine was encrypted within it. Every descendant disciple could gain enlightenment from it, and could become a generation disciple of Ancestor Sanfeng and inherit the position of Zhenwu Sect

Leader—making it a compulsory Daoist proverb for every disciple of Zhenwu Sect.

With tens of thousands of people reciting it together, the sound enveloped all of Taihe Mountain and reverberated into the distance.

What followed was that the sound seemed to resonate with the thunderous sound from the sky, producing invisible streams of Qi. These, guided by specks of starlight, spread across the vast expanse of the sky.

At this point, on the region served by Taihe Mountain, on all prearranged locations for the formation, disciples prepared from each side also started their action almost simultaneously.

At each of the 12,960 formation locations, loud recitations resonated, and True Qi surged in all directions, echoing the thunder from the sky..

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