Chapter 320: Chapter 185: Pacifying the Three Mansions_2

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This Lei Tongtian might be worth trying to see if the plan is feasible.’

Lu Yuan thought so in his heart.

After obtaining his promise, Lei Tongtian below was overjoyed and kowtowed several times, saying, “Please rest assured, General, I have long been fed up with the Five Poisons Sect.

The reason why I joined the bandits before was that I was forced to do so under duress.

Now that I have encountered the imperial army and been granted clemency by the general, I will devote myself wholeheartedly to serving the court and the general, not hesitating to die a hundred times!”

Lei Tongtian was full of gratitude and solemnly swore.

Lu Yuan listened to his words, just smiled, and did not respond much, only said, “Elder Lei can give up the dark and join the light, breaking with those rebels, which shows that he knows the current situation.

Elder Lei is the local guardian, so you must know where to ambush and where to attack at half-crossing.

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Since Elder Lei has surrendered to the court, why not work with me to devise a plan.”

This is asking for a show of allegiance.

As long as Lei Tongtian goes through with this, he, who has stained his hands with so much of his fellow people’s blood, will no longer be able to turn back.

Lei Tongtian also understood this naturally, knowing that this was his last test before surrendering to the court, so he replied solemnly, “General, in Dong’an County, Yuecheng Mountain is naturally the first choice for ambush in the mountains. This mountain is located to the east of the county town…”

In the hall, Lei Tongtian opened the map of Lingling Prefecture and began to explain the local geography and his ambush plan based on the geography in detail to Lu Yuan.

Lu Yuan couldn’t help but nod his head as he listened.

It had to be said that in setting up ambushes, Lei Tongtian, a local snake, was far more adept at it than an outsider like himself.

Moreover, after surrendering, in order to gain a future, the opponent’s attack on his own kind was really ruthless.

At this time of ambush, some vicious tricks.

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After gathering the Miao captives, how to counterattack, who to eliminate, and who to win over, were all spoken of in an orderly and logical manner, which greatly impressed Lu Yuan.

According to Lei Tongtian’s stratagem, it would be really simple to defeat Yang Yukjin’s fifty thousand Miao soldiers this time.

And after defeating the Miao soldiers, there was still much to be done in terms of surrendering captives.

Although it was not possible to accept all fifty thousand, there was still hope of retaining twenty thousand reliable traitors.

Seeing such a promising future, Lu Yuan couldn’t help but make a decision: “Alright, do as you say.”

The next day, Lu Yuan left over a thousand civilian workers to stay in Lingling Prefecture City, then led five thousand elite troops and four thousand civilian workers westward to Dong’an County.

Upon arriving at this county, they were greeted by a vast Xiang River that divided Dong’an County into east and west.

According to the plan, Lu Yuan left two thousand elite troops and six thousand civilian workers here, led by a disciple, to ambush in the woods east of the river, watching the crossing.

Then he led three thousand elite troops, along with Yan Wangqiu, to go upstream, cross the river, and head south to Yuecheng Mountain behind the crossing, laying ambush on both sides of the mountain.

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Yang Yukjin would inevitably pass through Dong’an County when withdrawing his troops from Shaoyang Prefecture to return to Lingling Prefecture City. Moreover, in order to rush from Dong’an County to Lingling Prefecture City, they would have to pass through Yuecheng Mountain and then cross the river from east Yuecheng Mountain crossing.

So, Lu Yuan stationed his troops on the east side of the crossing, waiting for Yang Yukjin’s army to cross the river, while laying an ambush on the mountain behind the crossing, waiting for the enemy troops to pass by, ready to launch.

In this way, the bandits’ army would be divided into two parts and attacked from both sides, inevitably leading to chaos.

Moreover, with Lu Yuan and Yan Wangqiu leading the charge, it wouldn’t be difficult to defeat the Miao people, who were five times their own number.

At the same time as Lu Yuan’s tight preparations for the ambush began, a tens of thousands strong army was hurrying along the border between Xinning County in Shaoyang Prefecture and Dong’an County in Lingling Prefecture.

Elder, those Yue scouts are moving in again.”

In the marching army, Yang Yukjin rode his horse, and a subordinate came up beside him, pointing to a group of more than ten Yue cavalry in the distance.

Since Yang Yukjin received the news of the Yue people’s surprise attack on Jiuyi Prefecture in the rear, which is causing rampant attacks on cities and territories, with their troops directly pressing towards Lingling Prefecture.

The Left Elder of the Five Poisons Sect, who was responsible for overseeing the three southern prefectures, couldn’t help but be taken aback.

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Yang Yukjin was well aware that if the three prefectures in the rear were lost,

No, even if just Jiuyi Prefecture is lost, Lingling Prefecture and Yangshan Prefecture will be plunged into a difficult isolated situation where each has to fight for themselves.

It would be convenient for the Yue people to mobilize troops and deal with Lingling Prefecture and Yangshan Prefecture calmly, breaking them one by one.

If this really happened, Yang Yukjin, who was deeply trusted by the Sect Leader, would really be at a loss for redemption.

So, upon receiving the news, he did not hesitate in the slightest and no longer had any intention of entangling with the Yue army in Wugang County.

Leading the troops, he began to withdraw.

But the Yue army in Wugang County seemed to have anticipated his withdrawal long ago.

Upon seeing Yang Yukjin trying to flee, they immediately sent troops to pursue him, forcing him to leave five thousand dead soldiers behind to hinder and obstruct the Yue people’s pursuit.

Then they left three thousand troops at both Zuizhong and Suining Counties as nails to constrain the Yue people.

This prevented them from advancing all the way and following them closely.

After making all these preparations, Yang Yukjin finally managed to lead less than forty thousand troops out of Shaoyang Prefecture and retreat.

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