Chapter 899: Go Look For Your Cousin Sister Su Wen

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After all, they were mother and daughter. Su Pingping could tell that her mother had protected her in the beginning. She knew that her mother wanted to earn some betrothal money, but she had never thought of pushing Su Pingping into the fire pit.

Otherwise, she would have been married long ago with such a high betrothal gift.

She wouldn’t wait until now.

When she heard that the man had hereditary mental illness, Zhang Chunxiang rejected him without thinking.

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At that time, Su Pingping could tell her mother’s true intentions. There was a little bit of warmth in this family. Thus, she was willing to stay and work hard. She helped with housework, farming, and growing vegetables to earn money.

If she could plant more vegetables, water them and give them fertilizers, her mother would be able to steal less vegetables.

Su Pingping finally understood. At this point, her life was set.

“I don’t blame you.” She wiped her tears and quietly hid the scissors in her pocket. She was prepared to die on the way out. Even if she died, she could not die in a house that treated her worse than a beast.

She wanted to die with dignity.

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When Zhang Chunxiang heard her daughter say that, she finally felt relieved. She turned around and took out something wrapped in an old handkerchief under the brick below the bed.

This was the money that she had painstakingly hidden.

Because she hid it well, Su Xuewu and Su Pingfan didn’t find it and steal it.

Su Pingping was dumbfounded.

“It’s my fault all these years. I’ve done too many sins…Take this money and…Live a good life. Don’t come back.” Zhang Chunxiang stuffed the remaining money into Su Pingping’s hands. Her dark complexion made her look like she had aged a lot.

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“Mother, what is this?” Su Pingping was dumbfounded. She didn’t know what was going on.

She Imew how much her mother loved money. Usually, she would calculate every cent she had. Spending an extra cent would be killing her. But now… Why would she give away her private savings?

“Go seek refuge with your cousin Su Wen. Although that girl is ruthless, she has a conscience. If she can help Chen Guihua and Yao Fang, she can definitely help you. As long as you are obedient and don’t cause trouble, she will definitely protect you.”

Zhang Chunxiang thought about it and realized that the only person she could rely on in the Trinity Village was her enemy.

When Chen Guihua committed suicide by drinking pesticide, her in-laws left her in the lurch. That was the moment Zhang Chunxiang came to her realization.

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She just didn’t expect this day to come so quickly.

“I…” The surprise came too suddenly. Su Pingping looked at Zhang Chunxiang in a daze. After a long while, she said, “Then what about you?”

“I’m fine.” Zhang Chunxiang was not afraid of Su Xuewu. At most, she would kill this bastard with a knife. She hadn’t done it for the sake of her children previously, so she had no qualms about it after this incident.

On the contrary, she could go all out on her own.

“Listen to me.” Zhang Chunxiang interrupted Su Pingping’s hesitation and quickly explained, “I found out that Shen Erkui is going to look for Su Wen in the Province tomorrow. Go find Shen Erkui and quietly climb out of the back window. Don’t let anyone know. Beg Shen Erkui to take you there. When you go to the Province, don’t come back unless you have the ability.”

Su Pingping’s tears fell silently and poured. She cried as if her heart was broken, but she did not dare to make a sound. She was afraid that she could not hear her mother’s words clearly.

“Su Wen…” Zhang Chunxiang hesitated for a moment before saying, “I hate her, I’m jealous of her, but… Actually, I admire her too. She has a good impression of you. You’re the only one in our family who can make her soften her heart. When you go, only listen to Su Wen.. Don’t listen to anyone else, and don’t be used by others, understand?”

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