Chapter 900: I Will Repay Su Wen

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Su Pingping nodded frantically.

“Although I told you to listen to Su Wen, you shouldn’t be a coward. When you’re bullied, you should fight back, understand?” Zhang Chunxiang inadvertently glanced in the direction where her in-laws lived, and a fierce look flashed across her eyes.

She was not someone to bully.

“I know. I won’t let you down. I… I’m not stupid.”

Su Pingping’s words enlightened Zhang Chunxiang. She replied, “Yes, I’m the silly one.” Although her daughter was not smart all these years, she had never done anything stupid. She was at least ten thousand times stronger than the self-righteous Sun Yunyun. Even the arrogant Li Xue might not have a good ending.

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She finally understood that anyone who was selfish and greedy would not have a good ending.

It was a good thing that Pingping was content.

“Tell Su Wen that I will repay her.” Zhang Chunxiang said firmly.

She mentioned repayment, the kind where she wouldn’t ask for any reward for.

Su Pingping understood, but she didn’t know how to repay Su Wen. Su Wen had everything she wanted while they had nothing. How could they repay her?

“Good! You can go now!” Zhang Chunxiang pushed the frame of the window. This way, it could fit one person to climb out.

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The frame of the window was fixed. Su Pingping didn’t think that the one in her mother’s room could be removed. She immediately had the urge to cry.

Zhang Chunxiang mocked herself, “You see, I had a bad feeling for a long time. Fortunately… Otherwise, you won’t be able to escape today.” She had long noticed the scissors that her daughter had hidden in her pocket.

She just didn’t reveal it.

She believed that Pingping would be able to live well with Su Wen in the Province.

She had witnessed Su Wen’s meticulous upbringing and transformation of her six younger sisters. Although her words were unpleasant, she was actually very envious of Su Wen.

She didn’t expect Pingping to be like Su Wen or Fifth Sister. Even if Pingping could get at least one-third like Su Qing or Su Xiu, she would more than happy. She had never said these words to anyone because she knew it was impossible.

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Now, perhaps she could.

She did not expect Su Wen to treat Pingping as her own sister, but as long as Pingping could follow her for a few years, Pingping would not suffer.

“Remember, be obedient.” Zhang Chunxiang was afraid that her daughter would be used by others like herself if someone else said a few provocative words to her. She reluctantly instructed, “Listen to Su Wen only. You have to listen to her more than you listen to me.”

“I know. I will be obedient.” Su Pingping could escape from the fire pit now, but she did not feel good.

“Just go!”

Su Pingping escaped. She did not dare to look for Shen Erkui during the day, afraid that she would be discovered and caught. She could only hide in the bushes behind the village. This place was very well-hidden. She discovered it when she was catching dragonflies with others in her childhood.

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If she did not go out, others would not be able to find her.

For the entire afternoon, Su Pingping could hear the ruckus in the village. Her father cursed, and her mother refused to give in.

There were also people who kept circling around the village looking for her. They only left reluctantly when it was dark.

Su Pingping didn’t know how her mother responded, but she knew that her father would never give up.

Perhaps he was waiting for her to return.

Su Pingping kept waiting until she got cold and hungry. She curled up into a ball and did not dare to go out. She only dared to leave when it was very late. When the lights went out, the villagers who had done the farm work for the whole day had fallen asleep..

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