Chapter 901: Going to See Little Cousin

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Her thin body moved in the dark. She finally found the house where Shen Erkui was staying.

Shen Erkui had just taken a shower and was putting on his clothes when he heard rustling sounds coming from outside the window. He was so alert that he only had time to put on his pants. Without putting on his shirt, he took out a steel rod that was leaning against the door.

After all, Shen Erkui had almost become Su Xuewen’s live-in son-in-law. He had received a lot of guidance from Su Xuewen. He had a great vision and ability, unlike the other ordinary villagers. When he noticed the movement just now, he did not blurt out “Who is it” like ordinary people.

This would only alert the enemy.

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What he wanted was to catch that person.

Shen Erkui suddenly opened the door with a steel rod in his hand. His body leaped agilely and pounced on the sneaky person outside like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey. When he pushed her down, Shen Erkui realized that something was wrong.

There was no fierce resistance. Instead, the person under him was thin and soft, as if she would break if he used a little more strength.

He even suspected that he had used so much strength just now. Did he break a bone?

Su Pingping was tired, hungry, and frightened. She even had a low fever. Being thrown to the ground, she simply couldn’t take it and fainted.

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When Shen Erkui figured it out, he was stunned. If it was in the past, he wouldn’t have given her a good look. However, he heard about what happened to Su Xuewu’s family today. It would be a lie to say that he didn’t sympathize with her.

Xiaoya was too pitiful.

Shen Erkui was well aware of Su Pingping’s motives.

She was not looking for Shen Erkui, but Su Wen. After all, she was Su Wen’s cousin. Even if she would be rejected, only Su Wen had the right to do so.

Shen Erkui accepted his fate and carried her into the room. He was relieved after checking that there were no external injuries or fractures. Then, he fed her the fever medicine and gave up his bed for her. It took him a long time to finish everything.

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When the lights were turned off, Shen Erkui lost his sleep. He had been alone since he was young. Now that there was suddenly someone else in the room, he could not sleep. He opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling. Sleeping on the chair, he could see the cold and crystal moonlight through the window.

It would be the Mid-Autumn Festival in two days, and the bright moon in the night sky took away all the starlight. Looking at the moon and listening to the slow rhythmic breathing of another person in the room, Shen Erkui suddenly thought of Zhou Hengyang.

Uncle Su brought this man in by himself.

He knew that Uncle Su had a secret, and it was a very big secret. Zhou Hengyang also had a secret. This man had become Su Wen’s husband the moment he arrived.

The identity that he had yearned for since he was young was easily obtained by Zhou Hengyang.

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Just like the moon in the night sky, the cold and frosty stars became dull beside it. Whenever he was around, everyone would lose his luster.

Shen Erkui smiled casually. Su Wen was no longer the little girl when she was young! He had long let go of her , so why did he think about all these?

The next day, He Changming couldn’t stand his little cousin’s pestering, so he had no choice but to bring a burden out. When they arrived at the agreed location, his handsome face was gloomy. No matter what his younger cousin said, he could not be bothered to give him a look.

Not to mention a smiling face.

“Cousin, it wasn’t easy for me to make a good friend. Of course, I have to go and support his family’s banquet this time.” His younger cousin chattered non-stop along the way, emphasizing his friendship with Xu Xiaoxiao.

He had no idea how these two with completely different personalities became good friends with just a few words. They became close a little too fast..

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