Chapter 1008 (Annihilating the Ye Family)

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"Of course, it's to gain merit!" Huang Yun understood this much. Only by achieving merit could he ascend to the position of Crown Prince!

Huang Fei nodded, "I have provided everything to take care of you. If you don't perform exceptionally well this time, I'll doubt your capabilities!"

"Father, I won't let you down!" Huang Yun said earnestly. This was his best opportunity, and he had to seize it. Only by gaining merit could he sit securely on the throne of the Crown Prince, and no one would dare to object.

"Go back and prepare. In a few days, lead your troops to the front lines! Failure is not an option!" Huang Fei commanded.

"Yes, Father. But, Father, is there anything that needs to be done regarding Ye Hua?" Huang Yun asked cautiously.

"No, I have my arrangements. Just focus on your own tasks."

Upon hearing that the Emperor had made arrangements, Huang Yun felt reassured.

"Father, please rest early. Your son takes his leave."

Huang Fei nodded.

Shortly after Huang Yun left, Shan Junren slowly entered, accompanied by the cold crow.

Huang Fei kept his head slightly lowered and commented, "It seems the plan from back then is about to be executed again."

Shan Junren furrowed his brows slightly. If the Emperor wanted to deal with the Ye family, why arrange for Ye Yuanqing to marry his son? He couldn't quite understand.

The hoarse voice of the cold crow sounded, "Your Majesty, rest assured! This time, he won't return alive!"

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Huang Fei looked up at the cold crow and said in a deep voice, "Apart from taking Ye Hua's life, there's another matter this time."

"Your Majesty is referring to the Supreme Overlord matter, right?" the cold crow spoke.

"Yes, I want to advance," Huang Fei said.

The cold crow remained silent for a moment before speaking softly, "In that case, I should consider the debt to Your Majesty repaid."

Huang Fei suddenly chuckled, "As long as you complete these two tasks, consider the debt repaid."

"Thank you, Your Majesty. I'll go and make preparations."

There was a sense of joy in the cold crow's tone, as if they could finally live freely.

Shan Junren did not leave at this point; it seemed he had something to say, but he needed the Emperor's permission.

After a long while, Huang Fei nodded. Only then did Shan Junren dare to speak.

"Your Majesty, the role of the cold crow is significant. Why let him go so easily?" Shan Junren was puzzled. While these two tasks were undoubtedly important, the cold crow was a Supreme Overlord, and his role was crucial.

"Who said I'm letting him go?" Huang Fei said in a deep voice. The cold crow also broke through to the Supreme Overlord back then, using the opportunity obtained by Huang Fei!

Indeed, back then, Huang Fei wasn't yet the emperor, and he and the cold crow were good brothers!

However, faced with the temptation of advancement, the cold crow took the initiative to snatch it first. Feeling guilty, the cold crow promised Huang Fei to help him secure the throne, even pledging allegiance to him as a form of compensation.

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As time passed, the crow, a Supreme Overlord, wanted to break free from this constraint. However, being a Supreme Overlord, words spoken had to be acknowledged. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the cold crow expressed its intentions to settle the score. He admitted that he had taken the opportunity from Huang Fei in the past and now offered to help him seize it, considering it a fair exchange.

This information was known to very few, and only Shan Junren was aware of it because he had been Huang Fei's strategist back then. Shan Junren had played a significant role in Huang Fei ascending to the throne.

After all, for an emperor to take the throne, the support of influential individuals was crucial. Hearing the Emperor's words, Shan Junren understood that he had to obey to survive.

"Your Majesty, the Crown Prince seems to be trying to win over Ye Hua today," Shan Junren wanted to understand the Emperor's decision.

Huang Fei sighed, "The struggle for the Crown Prince position has always been brutal. Weren't we like that back then? Now, the only one who can contend with Prince Yun is Crown Prince Li. I don't expect much from the others."

Shan Junren could only nod in agreement. The Emperor's sons seemed content with their own lives, without grand ambitions. Only Crown Prince Li and Prince Yun showed some potential. With the Emperor's current arrangements, it seemed he was preparing for a contest between the Crown Prince and the Ninth Prince.

This contest was part of the "customs," a way to determine the more capable heir.

Considering the circumstances, Shan Junren felt that the Emperor might not necessarily hand over the Crown Prince position to Crown Prince Yun entirely.

"Your Majesty, there's one more thing I would like to ask," Shan Junren inquired.

"What is it?"

"Why did Your Majesty betroth Ye Yuanqing to my son?"

Shan Junren was perplexed by the Emperor's strange moves. It seemed like an absurd chess move.

Huang Fei replied indifferently, "Consider it leaving a sentiment for the Ye family."

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Shan Junren's expression changed. It seemed that the Emperor planned to exterminate everyone in the Ye family. But was keeping Ye Yuanqing just for sentiment? Shan Junren couldn't fathom the Emperor's true intentions.

"Oh, about that... the case of the city being wiped out. How is it going? It has been several years since the investigation began," Huang Fei suddenly remembered an old case, casually asking about it.

"Your Majesty, the Ministry of Justice has not yet provided any updates on the matter."

Huang Fei frowned, "This matter cannot be taken lightly."

After all, someone had dared to destroy a city on his territory, wiping out everyone without leaving a trace, not even a corpse. Such an unprecedented incident had to be addressed seriously.

"I will make sure of it!"

"Good, go back and rest early. Perhaps Ye Yuanqing might not return at all."

Shan Junren swallowed nervously, "I take my leave."

After Shan Junren left, Huang Fei did not go to sleep. Instead, he sat at his desk, lost in thought. The candlelight cast a sombre shadow on his face, revealing his deep contemplation.

That night, Huang Fei was actually very angry, but he had managed to suppress his anger until now.

After a while, Huang Fei called out, "Cheng!"

Cheng Tian quickly entered and respectfully asked, "Your Majesty?"

"Summon a few consorts to come here."

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Cheng Tian hesitated for a moment, then respectfully replied, "Yes, Your Majesty."

It seemed that Cheng Tian had a certain degree of autonomy in choosing which consorts to call. Sometimes the Emperor didn't specify, leaving the decision entirely to Cheng Tian. This was indeed a remarkable position.

Back at home, Ye Hua's safe return reassured Le Jing. The other brothers were surprised to learn that their eldest brother had returned unharmed. It was truly a miracle.

In a hurry, they went to inquire with their father about what had happened and why their second sister had not returned with Ye Hua.

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