Chapter 1009 (Ye Hua, Will You Let Me Get Married?)

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When Ye Chen and the others heard about the banquet from their father, they were all stunned!

Their eldest brother actually confronted the Emperor! And he did it so openly!

Oh no! The Ye family is finished!!! Once again, the eldest brother has dragged the Ye family into the abyss!

Le Jing also learned the situation from her son. Helplessly, she said, "Ye Hua, if you do this, the Emperor will not spare our Ye family."

"By then, I'll take you away," Ye Hua said indifferently. He didn't care about the Ye family because it wasn't his real family. His real family was a warm and large one, in the Voidless Empire.

Le Jing reached out and gently stroked Ye Hua's cheek. "Silly child, where can we run to?"

"Mother, we can go to big brother's palace. It's amazing there, even more impressive than here," Ye Juetian chimed in, his face full of approval. Mainly because big brother's palace had many beautiful women. If he could marry one, wow, that would be fantastic.

And big brother was also the eldest, so arranging it would be easy. It would be so satisfying.

Le Jing smiled helplessly. "Mother is old already. Do whatever you want, but Ye Hua, be careful when you go to the front lines. The events of that year might happen again!"

"Don't worry! The events of that year won't repeat themselves!" Ye Hua said coldly. There were still many scores to settle from that time.

Le Jing felt a little reassured after hearing this. Ye Juetian beside her immediately said, "Mother, you can rest assured. Big brother is just playing around with father."

Ye Hua chuckled at this. 'This kid was quite interesting.'

Le Jing glared at Ye Juetian. "You are really something. Speak a bit more quietly; after all, he is still your father."

"Rest early. I'll go back to sleep now," Ye Hua stood up. He still couldn't bring himself to call her mother, mainly because he couldn't say it.

Le Jing knew that Ye Hua was embarrassed, so she didn't force him. Someday, Ye Hua would call her mother on his own.

"Go back and rest well."

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"Mother, I'll also go to rest."


The two brothers left the courtyard. Ye Juetian asked quietly, "Big brother."


"Would it be okay if you take me to the front lines? I also want to achieve something."

Ye Juetian was also eager to get involved. With just a word from big brother, he could go to the battlefield. He could gain fame and fortune, especially since big brother was the leader. If he could marry someone, wow, that would be great.

Ye Hua smiled faintly. "After I leave, your mother will need you to protect her."

Ye Juetian immediately nodded. Big brother was right. He had to take care of mother at home and make sure nothing happened to her.

But Ye Hua still felt uneasy. After he left, the Emperor might kidnap his mother! It seemed necessary to have someone protect his mother. Ye Juetian's strength was still lacking a bit. After all, he couldn't even defeat his own father, and he lacked courage.

In the future, he would have to train. How could his own brother be a coward?

It seems like Ye Juetian's personality is quite similar to Lie Gu, but he lacks one-tenth of Lie Gu's courage.

"Big brother, about sister-in-law..."

Ye Hua glared, and Ye Juetian shrugged, immediately running into another courtyard.

Ye Hua sighed, slowly walking towards his own courtyard. He pushed open the door with both hands, and his brows furrowed instantly!

A hidden weapon was approaching!

Ye Hua reached out and grabbed it. A crystal fell into his hand. Ye Hua naturally knew what it was — Soul Gem. It seemed...

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"Ye Hua, do you love me?" A wonderful voice sounded, and in the darkness, the figure of Qian Yuqing appeared. Who else could it be?

Ye Hua silently glanced at Qian Yuqing, then placed the Soul Gem on the table.

"Are you crazy?"

Qian Yuqing: "..."

"No, you must answer my question today." Qian Yuqing grabbed the Soul Gem, shielding it in front of Ye Hua.

Ye Hua looked down at the woman in front of him, and Qian Yuqing stared back stubbornly.

"Hurry up and get lost, don't disturb my rest!" Ye Hua said softly.

Upon hearing this, tears immediately welled up in Qian Yuqing's eyes. "Ye Hua, I can endure your cold words, but I want to know what's in your heart!"

"I don't need to tell you!" Ye Hua said in a deep voice.

"Fine! You don't need to tell me, right! Then why did you save me that night? And hugged me!" Qian Yuqing pointed at Ye Hua, questioning him.

Ye Hua sneered, "I didn't want to see dead bodies in front of my palace. Is that reason enough?"

Hearing Ye Hua's retort, Qian Yuqing suddenly chuckled, "If you wanted to save me, then why did you hug me, tease me, and even touch my chest?"

"When did I touch your chest?" Ye Hua casually said, but then realised there was a problem.

Suddenly, Qian Yuqing blushed and said, "Ye Hua, if you want to touch, just tell Yuqing. Yuqing won't refuse."

Ye Hua: "..."

"Get lost quickly, who wants to touch!" Ye Hua sternly shouted.

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Qian Yuqing pouted, "Ye Hua, be careful during this expedition. They might target you."

"I know, no need for you to worry."

Suddenly, the room seemed to quiet down, and the atmosphere became a bit eerie.

"Ye Hua." Qian Yuqing called softly.

Ye Hua remained silent.

"Will you let me marry someone else?" Qian Yuqing continued to ask.

Ye Hua still did not respond.

After a long silence, Qian Yuqing took a deep breath. "I understand. You rest early. I'll go back." After saying this, Qian Yuqing left through the secret passage.

Hearing the floor closing, Ye Hua also sighed. Women were really troublesome.

Ye Hua's figure instantly disappeared in the room and appeared in the Imperial Palace of the Voidless Empire.

"Ye Hua!!!" Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi exclaimed.

The two wives were discussing what Ye Hua was doing when he suddenly appeared, startling them. He seemed to come out of nowhere.

"You haven't slept yet." Ye Hua said calmly.

The women's gossip hearts immediately kicked in. "Ye Hua, what's going on? Is something happening? Tell us quickly."

"It's a long story. I'll be back in a while. Be careful these days; unexpected guests might come."

"Unexpected guests? Ye Hua, did you cause trouble as soon as you arrived?" Qing Ya rubbed her forehead. Her man was always stirring up trouble.

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Ye Hua sighed, "I didn't cause trouble; it's my past self causing it. I'm taking responsibility for it. I'll be heading to the battlefield soon, and I need someone to protect my mother."

"I'll go!"

"I'll go!"

Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi immediately raised their hands, like elementary school students.

"You two are daughters-in-law. It's not appropriate for you to meet her now. I'll send Daji to protect my mother." Ye Hua thought for a moment. It wouldn't be wise for his mother and daughters-in-law to meet abruptly. Daji had good strength, boldness, and attentiveness. She would be the best choice to protect his mother.

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