Chapter 1010 (Attending the Master at Night)

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Hearing that Ye Hua wanted Daji to go, Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi knew they had nothing to worry about.

"You two rest early, recharge your energy. When I bring my mother over, don't look tired, okay?"

"Really? Ah, we're going to sleep. We've been staying up late recently. Baizhi, do you still have face masks?

"Yes, there are a few left. How about we go shopping for some tomorrow?"

"We should buy skincare products as well. It's very dry here."

Helpless, Ye Hua found these two women inexplicably discussing cosmetic products. He decided to call Daji first.

Before calling Daji, Ye Hua found Wei Chang, gave some instructions, and then went up with Daji!

These past few days, Daji felt as if she had fallen into a melancholic state. Everything seemed lacklustre, food lost its taste, and she suffered from insomnia.

Only when her master was by her side could she feel at ease and have the motivation to do things.

But now...

Her master hugged her, and wow, it felt so delightful.

Her master's embrace was so comfortable and warm, just like last time, with a faint fragrance.

So pleasant~

Her master hadn't abandoned her. She thought about him wherever she went.

"We've arrived," Ye Hua calmly said.

Daji snapped out of her trance, quickly broke free from Ye Hua's embrace, and obediently stood aside without saying a word, surveying the surroundings.

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Daji's heart jumped with joy. Her master brought her into the room in the middle of the night, and there was even a bed nearby.

'Oh my heavens, master finally asked Daji to attend to him.' She was so excited and nervous, feeling like her life had reached its climax.

Her master was truly annoying. After going around in circles, he wanted Daji to attend to him and was even embarrassed about it.

What's there to be embarrassed about? Serving her master was perfectly normal; it was part of her duty.

Seeing Daji lower her head slightly, starting to untie her dress, looking shy, and also carrying an expression that seemed to say, "Master, please be gentle, Daji's body is weak, don't overexert her, or else she won't be able to serve you in the future."

"What are you doing!" Ye Hua said in a deep voice.

"Ah... Master..." Daji was stunned, looking at her master with a dumbfounded expression.

"Why are you undressing?"

"Master, didn't you want Daji to come to attend to you?"

Ye Hua: "..."

This Daji, always thinking about attending to him. She earned the title Empress of Lewdness.

Daji's mood plummeted as soon as she heard that she wasn't being summoned for the night. Considering everything, attending to the master seemed less important.

"Okay, Master," Daji said dejectedly.

Ye Hua found it amusing and said softly, "If you behave well, there will be more opportunities for you in the future."

"Really?" As soon as Daji heard this, she instantly felt as if she had been resurrected. That happiness... all Daji wanted was to attend to him.

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Ye Hua nodded, giving Daji an empty promise for now. Apparently even he had to use such methods to appease his subordinates. These women were so infatuated with him; it was incredible.

"Master, tell me, what task would you like Daji to undertake?"

"Go protect my mother."

Daji's eyes sparkled. The master's mother... wouldn't that make her own mother in the future?

Wow, the master actually entrusted his mother's safety to her. It showed how much trust he had in her.

"Master, rest assured. As long as Daji is there, Lady Mother won't be harmed," Daji said with a glint of her sly intentions, directly addressing his mother as "Lady Mother."

Ye Hua could only helplessly say, "Your status is just that of a servant, understood?"

"Yes, yes, Daji understands," Daji replied, completely content.

"Sleep here for tonight. Tomorrow morning, I'll take you over."

"Okay, Master." Daji looked at the large bed and began subtly hinting to the master.

'Master, don't you want to smell Daji's fragrance or feel Daji's body warmth? It's so comfortable~'

"Master, you take the bed. Daji will find a mat for herself," Daji said coyly.

"Of course," Ye Hua replied calmly. Under Daji's service, he undressed and lay down on the bed, completely indifferent to her playful hints.

This made Daji feel like dying. The master's self-control was too strong; he couldn't be tempted at all.

'I wonder how Madam managed to seduce the master. She must be incredibly powerful.'

Helpless, Daji could only sleep on the floor, pretending to be pitiful. However, the unmoved Ye Hua continued to rest comfortably on the bed.

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As time passed, Ye Hua finally fell asleep, contemplating various plans and finding them quite interesting.

The next morning, Ye Hua smelled a familiar aroma.

It was the scent of fried pancakes.

Opening his eyes, he saw breakfast on the table, and then he noticed Daji approaching with a bowl of lean meat and century egg congee."Master, you woke up~ Daji will fetch water for you."

Ye Hua nodded. It had to be said that Daji's service was quite comfortable. He didn't expect much from Qing Ya and Donghuang Baizhi; they couldn't serve him like Daji could.

After dressing, Daji approached with a basin of water, quickly helping Ye Hua tidy up his clothes.

"Big Brother~"

At this moment, Ye Juetian suddenly walked in and witnessed the scene.

Ye Hua looked unaffected, as if nothing unusual was happening, which was how Daji had seen him before.

Seeing Daji, Ye Juetian swallowed nervously. He remembered the last time when this woman knelt beside the pavilion and made tea; it tasted quite good. He was captivated by her at that time and thought she probably wasn't his big brother's woman.

If only big brother could introduce her to him...

Sensing Ye Juetian's unfriendly gaze, Daji couldn't speak up as he was, after all, the master's biological brother. She had to endure and remain silent.

"Why are you here so early?" Ye Hua asked indifferently while Daji was combing his hair.

Ye Juetian snapped back to reality and said, "Big Brother, Mother wants you to spend more time with her since you'll be leaving tomorrow."

"I know. I'll go after breakfast."

Ye Juetian approached Ye Hua with a playful smile, actually wanting to get close to Daji.

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As he got closer to Daji, he caught a whiff of her fragrance. Wow, it was so comfortable.

Soon, Ye Hua finished grooming, sat down for breakfast, and Daji served him on the side.

At this point, Ye Juetian quietly asked, "Big Brother."

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