Chapter 595: Above All Lives

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Translator: Lonelytree

“She’s too proud and doesn’t want to lower her head to me, but I’m the only one in the Alliance who can help her.

“So you’re just a medium for her to release her kindness.

“It sounded ironic, didn’t it?

“She is such a stubborn old lady.

“But I’m different. I’m a businesswoman with a very soft body. As long as there’s money and benefits, I’ll do anything.” Soria’s smile was really very healing.

At that moment.

Matthew felt that the haze in his heart had been swept away.

But he knew that this was the effect of a spell. Matthew pondered for a while and suddenly asked,

“So, are you willing to accept her kindness?”

Soria blinked.

“I told you, I’m a businesswoman.

“A businesswoman is best at betting on both sides. I won’t reject Isabelle, and I will try my best to help you solve your problem. However, it is impossible for me to make a move against Edmond. Similarly, I will not sit idly by and watch the Nameless One continue to harm Isabelle.

” I think the Alliance still needs an existence like her, just like how this world needs the existence of the gods.”

Matthew fell into a long examination after listening.

Soria’s words were very honest, clearing up a lot of fog for him.

Matthew really couldn’t put himself in the shoes of the masses to consider the overall situation.

However, this also made him desire to become stronger.

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A moment later.

The two of them finally talked about Matthew’s purpose for this trip.

Dragon Slaying.

‘ Slaying a dragon is a very simple thing. I noticed that you’ve earned a sum of money again. I’ll lend you a little more, and you can use the Dragon Slaying Spear, which costs a lot of capital.”

Soria said with confidence,

“For the sake of my best friend, I can give you the scroll directly, but the price will be a little higher.

“A Dragon Slaying Spear scroll cost 600,000.

“Your territory is probably threatened by two dragons, right?

“If you can take out more money and buy two scrolls in one go, won’t the problem be solved directly?

“Although it would cost a lot of money, the two dragons had probably plundered a lot of people’s wealth.

“If you kill them, you might not be able to recoup your losses, but you definitely won’t lose too much.”

Matthew looked troubled.

“I’m not rich, and it’s not convenient for me to borrow too much.”

Soria’s expression turned cold. “Then do you want to be a freeloader?”

Matthew hurriedly waved his hand.

“No. I can buy a scroll of the ‘Dragon Slaying Spear.’ Uh, how much can I borrow from you?”

Soria raised three fingers.

“For the sake of my best friend, I can give you an interest-free loan of 300,000 gold coins. It’s not impossible to give you more, but you have to pay interest.” Matthew gritted his teeth.

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“Then I’ll take out a loan of 300,000 golds first. I’ll go back and gather the rest of the money.”

Soria smiled and slapped a scroll of the Dragon Slaying Spear in front of him.

Matthew carefully put away the scroll. He could not help but mutter in his heart.

“Can Rheagar afford to reimburse this?”

However, to be honest.

As soon as the scroll was in his hand, he felt much more at ease.

This was the sense of security brought by strength.

Matthew asked,

Other than Fei Ziben’s Dragon Slaying series of spells, do you have any other insights?”

Soria looked at him reproachfully.

Of course I have. How much do you plan to pay?

Matthew’s face immediately turned bitter.

“I don’t have much money on hand…’

Soria interrupted him.

“If you don’t have money, you can pay with a favour.

I’ll give you my Dragon Slaying experience, but in return, you must complete one thing for me in the next twenty years. I haven’t thought of the details yet, but it definitely won’t exceed your ability by too much.”

Matthew thought to himself that he would never have to worry about debts.

He was already tied to Isabelle’s pirate ship. Was he afraid of getting entangled with Soria?

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Hence, he nodded decisively.

In the next second.

Soria took a thick book from the bookshelf next to her and handed it to Matthew.

There were a few words written on it.

[Soria’s Recipe: The Giant Dragon.]

Matthew hurriedly flipped through a few pages and looked up in surprise.

“Back then, you killed the dragon to satisfy your appetite?!”

Soria gently combed his hair.

“What else?

“Isabelle robbed the dragon’s nest before me. Do you think I don’t know?

“Hehe…The taste of a dragon is indeed very good.” Although her smile was very gentle.

However, Matthew felt a devilish aura from her smile.

He hugged the thick book.

Matthew planned to leave.

Before he left, he found an opportunity to ask Soria,

‘ I wonder how Lady Margaret is doing.”

Soria said calmly,

“Not dead yet.

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She’s floating in the river of blood. Why? Do you care about her?

“Don’t tell me you’re dating her? That’s great. If she accidentally dies in purgatory, you’ll bear her debts, right?” Matthew was so scared that he quickly shook his head and said,

“Margaret and I are just ordinary friends!”

Soria chuckled.

‘ Men are just unreliable. Margaret is such a good person. What’s wrong with helping her pay a little debt?”

Was that a small debt?

Matthew left the Crystal Palace, sweating profusely.

After noon.

Matthew came to the oak forest to plant trees.

However, at this moment.

Suddenly, a loud noise came from the sky.

The intense sound of air being torn apart was like a meteorite falling.

Matthew looked up.

A light blue flame was falling into the oak forest at a speed visible to the naked

That thing seemed to be coming for him!

In an instant.

Matthew was alarmed.

On the data panel.

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