Catastrophe Card King

Catastrophe Card King is a popular light novel written by Blindness . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Fantasy genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Catastrophe Card King and can be read for free.


“Doctor, it seems there’s something wrong with my emotions.”

“There’s a clown in the West City circus who can make everyone laugh. I think he can certainly help you.”

“But Doctor… I am that clown.”



Waking up in a strange room,

Leonard Churchill finds himself lying next to a stunning woman.

Assuming good fortune has come knocking,

but the eerie part is, she’s a corpse without any heartbeat or breath.

Just when he thinks he’s been roped into a bizarre murder scene,

After a closer inspection,

He realizes,

Shockingly, she isn’t human!

This is a fantastical world after the Great Catastrophe, under the fog-covered land lies countless Underground Cities left by the ancients.

A Treasure Hunter wearing a clown mask travels alone in the dark.

He is Joker Leonard Churchill, the Catastrophe King!

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