Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast

Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast is a popular light novel written by Fry Them All . The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Fantasy genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast and can be read for free.


Vincent Wolf experienced the frustration of having his Beast Contract Agreement with the Fox Spirit terminated when he was just starting out. He felt upset because he forgot to mention the key phrase “Do not bully the poor young man.” However, he was grateful that his Beast Talent, “Simulation,” had already been activated before the contract was terminated. Otherwise, forgetting his key phrase could have affected the use of this cheat. But why did this simulation talent make him replace the consciousness of the tamed beast in the secret realm? Could there be a bug or something? Therefore, Vincent worked hard in the simulation, fighting monsters, leveling up, and enduring torture. Meanwhile, his tamed beasts enjoyed the benefits, rapidly leveling up and even gaining proficiency in skills through him, the beast tamer. Vincent couldn’t help but complain, “This is robbery! Who is the real beast tamer here?!” His simulation talent responded, “Who says a beast tamer can’t be used as a tamed beast?” In the end, Vincent looked at himself, now possessing countless skills, and fell into deep contemplation…