760  Happiness For Your Future Generations!

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The “future” Kiba showed or rather created through his reality-warping powers was brazen. The Phantom Clone was incensed to see himself surrounded by…Cocks… No, not cocks but skyscrapers and towers molded in the shape of his archnemesis cock!

That wasn’t the end, though. In this future, not only was its heritage dedicated to the cock, but even science. The Phantom Clone could see hundreds of female researchers discussing biological wonder that carried the secret of “Eternal Happiness.”

While he experienced this future, far away in the most secured laboratory, warning bells rang.

[[Brain strain is rapidly increasing]] The A.I. supervising the laboratory warned.

The controller of the Phantom ClonE – Castor Damon’s brain –was triggered! He couldn’t believe the slum insect was using the power of Cosmic Spark for something so perverted and disgusting!!

Years ago, the failure to possess the divine treasure made him lose his body and go into hiding; and, in the process, lose everything he had: his standing in society and his family. While the slum insect gained everything because of his failure! But instead of appreciating the blessing, he was wasting this power on such profanity…!!


[[The chemical imbalance has reached a critical level]]

The A.I. warned again. Knowing the urgency, it released special chemical secretions into his brain, correcting the imbalance.

Castor Damon’s rage subsidized, but his anger remained.

“No… that kid must be tricking me….”

Castor Damon’s brain suddenly twitched with realization. He recalled how, in the BSE79 expedition, the insect not only escaped his control but also forced him to give the antidote to the poison in his veins.

“Due to the mystical nature of Phantom Clone, he couldn’t land damage on it. So he is provoking me to act out of anger and provide him an opportunity!”

Castor Damon suppressed his anger. He knew he couldn’t afford to give in to provocation at this critical stage.

That was easier said than done, though. After all, he might be a legendary scientist, but that insect was living proof of his biggest failure. Controlling emotions was impossible.

But he managed the impossible.

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… … … …


Kiba was startled. The Phantom Clone wasn’t launching attacks as he expected!

“Wait! Could it be that Castor actually likes cocks!?”

  Kiba put a hand under his chin and wondered aloud.

“Yes, that must be the case! After all, eccentric people have eccentric tastes!!”

Kiba’s face turned white from sheer horror. He backed away to increase the gap between him and the Phantom Clone while creating a shield around his pants. Castor Damon’s brain twitched.

This kid… How dare he say such things…!!

“Now I know why Castor wants the Cosmic Spark!” Kiba acted as if he was going to puke. “He wants to create a world where his tastes are the norm!!”

“!!!” The alarms in the lab resumed again. Castor Damon was having a hard time suppressing his volcanic rage. But he tried to, with help from A.I.

“Castor! I will rather die than let the Cosmic Spark fall in your hands!”

Kiba suddenly proclaimed, his face full of determination. “I can’t let the world suffer because of you!”

The reality around him began to change. When Castor Damon saw to what exactly, his brain trembled violently.

The “reality” was also full of Kiba’s “cocks”, but unlike before, they were life-like, surrounded by naked women.

Not some random women… but ones who seemed familiar to Castor Damon! His daughters…! His daughter-in-law…!!

No, it wasn’t restricted to one generation but the next seven generations!

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The new reality was a massive orgy… shaped around the female descendants of Castor Damon and Kiba’s cock!

These women behaved like wanton sluts, rubbing themselves against the cocks, blowing them with their mouths, cunts, and butts!!

“You want to rob the world of happiness!” Kiba exclaimed, his voice full of righteous indignation. “While I want to paint it with happiness!”

As if on cue, the cocks erupted with warm fluid, painting the women white, making their bodies achieve a sensation they would never forget.

Inside the laboratory, the fury Castor Damon’s brain suppressed so far erupted like a volcano.

“My daughters…. My descendants!! How dare he twist their reality in such a disgusting manner?!”

Castor Damon knew what he saw wasn’t a mere illusion.

After all, he had researched the reality-warping power and knew just how horrifying it was.

The reality its wielder created would definitely become a part of mainstream reality!

It was just a matter of when…!!

The only exception was if its wielder was killed before the reality shaped itself into his desire!!

“I haven’t seen my family in years… and when I saw them today…”

Castor Damon’s rage reached a level it had never before.



The alarms rang, but he was oblivious of them.

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All his focus was on crushing that insect.


A ferocious roar erupted from the Phantom Clone, and like a wild beast, he shot at Kiba. The latter sighed with disappointment. Sᴇaʀᴄh thᴇ N0ᴠᴇFɪre.nᴇt website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of nøvels early and in the highest quality.

“Castor, despite our deep-rooted enmity, I gave your descendants happiness they would never forget!”

Kiba’s wings flapped, and he flew back.

“But your mind is so clouded with hatred that you couldn’t even feel happy for your flesh and blood!”

The Phantom Clone had no face, but his hood twisted with ferocity. He flicked his sleeves, and they stretched forward, merging with the space.


Kiba’s eyes flashed with surprise.

Suddenly, the space around his wings had turned into sleeves, and like bandages, they started wrapping around them, causing him to halt.

“Castor, I like bondage stuff but only with women!” Kiba said as his wings struggled to break free. “So couldn’t you send your daughter to do this instead of your Phantom Clone!?”

In response, the bandages tightened and erupted with black currents.

Kiba smirked.


Meanwhile, Agatha, Ashlyn, and Claudia turned toward the battle from a distance. They couldn’t touch The Defender due to the Phantom Clone, so they focused their attention on his clash.

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“Wasn’t that clone smart and full of caution?” Agatha blinked in confusion.

She couldn’t understand why someone who planned so much would throw caution to the wind.

“Master has the rare ability that could make even saints angry,” Claudia replied like it couldn’t be more obvious. “Provoking humans and making them act stupidly is much easier.”

Ashlyn nodded. She fully trusted Kiba’s tongue.

It was good in more than one way!

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