762  Tonic for Worries!

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The Defender was shell-shocked, to say the least. “This Olly knows Kiba regularly cuckolds his father by fucking his mother… and yet he invited him to the wedding?!”

The Defender couldn’t believe this.

What type of person does that!?

Was Olly on his father’s side or Kiba’s?!

Wait a minute. That father of his…

The Defender’s gaze fell on Morgan. He recalled that when he attacked Kiba an hour later, the latter was about to fuck the mother of the bride.

Morgan was secretly watching it, but instead of stopping Kiba, he was enjoying the sight of his son’s future mother-in-law getting dick!

“This is a family of deviants!”  The Defender scoffed and ran away. Claudia was catching up so he couldn’t spare any attention for Olly and his family.

A minute later, as the chase continued, The Defender gathered enough strength to use power Cosmic. He flicked his wrist and the natural laws bent to open an inter-dimensional portal.


He shot into the portal, forcing Claudia to grind her teeth in annoyance. She had missed him by a hairbreadth.


Claudia stomped her feet on the ground.



Twenty minutes later, Kiba flew back to Earth.

“I’m afraid that Anti-cuckold Clone of yours has fled.”

Agatha informed him as his feet touched the ground.

Kiba sighed with disappointment. “One more headache to deal with in the future.” Sᴇaʀᴄh the ɴ0velFɪre.nᴇt website on Gøøglᴇ to access chapters of nøvels early and in the highest quality.

Like the time loop created by his future-self wasn’t enough, he even has to deal with a clone that wanted to prevent him from spreading happiness. “My luck is really bad.”

“Bad luck?!”

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Agatha, Claudia, and Ashlyn rolled their eyes.

If his luck was bad, then what about his opponents? They either get cucked, killed, or worse both!

And yet here he was complaining about bad luck due to one incident!

Kiba didn’t notice their eyeroll or perhaps pretended to not notice. After all, they weren’t bright enough to understand the importance of his Holy Mission.

“You guys return,” Kiba said as his body turned blurry. “I will join you soon.”

The three women nodded as Kiba teleported away.

Morgan and Suzane tried to calm their grieving son.

“Don’t worry, my love,” Kriti said with a smile. “We will marry as soon as an auspicious day arrives.”

Olly stopped.

Yes… this wasn’t the end!

So what if the marriage today was spoiled… they could marry another day!

All he has to do was wait for some time!

No… he also has to assure not that his motherfucker doesn’t attend his marriage!!

“I wouldn’t invite him this time!”

Olly thought, his face brightening up,

Just as he made his decision, a hand arrived on his shoulder. Olly turned to his side and he jerked back.

It was Kiba,

“Fear not, dear relative~!” Kiba assured him with a smile. “I will handle your entire wedding next time!”

Olly: “…………………….”

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“But I have some tasks to attend to, so let’s postpone it by a month or so,” Kiba added cheerfully. “You wouldn’t mind it right?”




An hour later, Kiba teleported back into the tower. He grabbed a bottle of whiskey and sat on the couch.



Her mechanical voice came from the hidden speakers.

“Have you gathered details of what happened today?”

[[I have.]] Claudia replied in the affirmative. A digital tablet flew into Kiba’s hand, showcasing the data she has collected.

[[Sadly, I couldn’t find anything about Castor Damon.]]

Kiba’s eyebrows creased together while his face showed rare signs of worry.

Sure, he had crushed the Phantom Clone, but Castor Damon remained.

Unlike other enemies of his, not only does he know about the Cosmic Spark, but also every secret of his, including his past.

“It’s my fault for believing I killed him.”

Kiba thought with worry. “Castor Damon is the greatest scientist out there… How can someone like him not plan for a disaster?”

Kiba left out a heavy breath and started reading the data on the tablet. ..…

You seemed tense.”

Katherine’s voice came from behind, surprising Kiba. “Rough day, huh?”

Katherine asked.

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Kiba nodded without turning around. He couldn’t divert his attention from the tablet as he wanted to find clues on Castor Damon’s whereabouts.

Castor Damon was a snake and he couldn’t allow him to hide in shadows forever.

Katherine arrived in front of him and slapped the tablet away from his hand. Startled, Kiba looked up, but before he could rebuke her, he noticed her black skirt… and he swallowed the words back.

Katherine turned around, sensually showing off the skirt donned by her hot MILF body. The skirt was see-through, exposing her matching bra and thong.

“I know something that can brighten your mood, sir.”

Katherine claimed with confidence. In the past, Kiba had no reason to doubt his faithful slut so he was sure the same would apply now. Kiba inhaled sharply, his face twisting with excitement.

Slowly, she pulled down her thong and stuck her bare ass on his face.

“You can revive a dead man with this ass!” Kiba exclaimed.

Katherine giggled and bent down. Through the gap between her legs, she saw his pants rising like a tent, and knew her ass worked. Still bent, she started shaking her ass, causing her round butt cheeks to bounce together and lightly caress Kiba’s face. Her butt cheeks were smooth and soft, and as they grazed his face, the blood in his head started rushing to his crotch. His brain slowed and he forgot why he was worried.

Just then, Katherine leaned forward and pulled the thong up, covering her ass again. Kiba grunted but even as the grunt left his mouth, she somersaulted and sat on his lap.

The tent in his pant throbbed violently, struggling to tear out of its confine.

Katherine grabbed the bottle of whiskey that was yet to be opened and took the cork in her mouth. With a pop, she opened it and let the whiskey spill down, from her red lips to her chin, and further below. Her dress turned sopping wet…

Kiba’s cock rose further. He loved nothing more than a woman who knew how to excite her man. “Feeling better?”

Katherine asked as she opened his pants and reached inside his underwear, stroking his throbbing cock.

Kiba nodded and removed her skirt. He pulled off her bra forcefully and it tore open, causing her huge tits to bounce from the impact.

He plastered his face on her boobs, enjoying the taste of her flesh soaked with whiskey.

… ….

Meanwhile, on the floor below, Sophia rose from her nap. “Is Zed back?”

She wondered.

“And where’s mom?”

Sophia was sure she slept with Katherine but there was no sign of her. She looked around, and suddenly a chill ran down her spine.

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“I’m living in the villain’s tower. I have to be careful all the time.”

Sophia reminded herself.

“But with mother and Zed here, there’s no reason to worry, right?”

She wondered while leaving the room. Suddenly, she stopped and closed her eyes. She felt something.

“It’s mom’s aura! But it is coming from the floor above!”

Sophia was alarmed.

That was the floor of the villain!

“I need to bring her back before the villain arrives!!”

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