Chapter 260: Love to the Extreme

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When MO Xiuchen and Wen Ran arrived, Chen Bin had already prepared the ingredients.

Li Qian, who just got home too, found it hard to believe when she heard from her husband that Qin Mu was going to compete in cooking skills with MO Xiuchen. She knew that beneath Qin Mu’s aloof demeanour, her cousin possessed an occasional childishness.

In Li Qian’s eyes, however, MO Xiuchen was the type of man who genuinely exuded a cold and noble charisma. She couldn’t envision him competing in a cooking contest with Qin Mu.

Seeing both of them appear in her home, she finally took her husband’s words seriously and pulled Wen Ran to sit on the living room sofa, filled with joy. “Ranran, I couldn’t believe they were really going to have a cooking competition when I first heard about it. But, this is a matter between them men, you don’t have to go into the kitchen and smell the oily smoke. Let’s just sit here, chat, snack, and wait for dinner, acting as lofty judges.”

Wen Ran was amused by Li Qian’s words. Li Qian worked as a secretary at the company, but at home, she was a real queen, the kind spoiled rotten by her husband.

It was not strange at all for her to say such things, thought Wen Ran.

“Okay, let’s just sit here and wait for the result.”

Wen Ran assented cheerfullv. As she felt someone looking at her. she raised

her head to find herself gazing into MO Xiuchen’s deep and profound eyes. She made a gesture implying “Good luck” to him.

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“Ranran, you guys just wait here, it won’t be long.”

MO Xiuchen glanced at Qin Mu, who was standing in the kitchen, and after advising Wen Ran, he walked elegantly into the kitchen.

Chen Bin also instructed Wen Ran and Li Qian, then followed into the kitchen to see the excitement.

“Ranran, how are MO Xiuchen’s cooking skills?”

Li Qian shifted her gaze in the direction of the kitchen, moved closer to Wen Ran, and asked curiously.

Wen Ran picked up some melon seeds to peel and, upon hearing Li Qian’s question, said with a hint of amusement in her voice, “Xiuchen’s cooking skills may not be on par with Big Brother Chen, but they are still quite good.”

“And you’re being modest?”

Li Qian shot her a glance and laughed. “I had no idea that MO Xiuchen could cook. In my eyes, he looks like the kind of man who would only dominate the business scene.”

Although Qin Mu and MO Xiuchen were close friends, due to MO Xiuchen’s dislike of socializing, his friends were limited to only a few like Qin Mu. There was very little interaction with their friends and relatives.

The exception was only Shen Yuting, who had always liked him.

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Most of what Li Qian knew about MO Xiuchen came from external sources.

But after Wen Ran married MO Xiuchen, Li Qian slowly felt that he wasn’t completely aloof and heartless to the point of being unbearable. At least in front of Wen Ran, he was gentle and considerate.

“I also felt that Qin Mu didn’t know how to cook.”

Wen Ran looked through the transparent glass at the tall, upright figure in the kitchen, and unconsciously gentleness reflected in her eyes, “Xiuchen lost his mother at a young age and became independent early on. Although he was born into a wealthy family, he’s just like the kids from poor families. He not only knows how to cook, but he also knows how to handle everything.”

Surprise flashed across Li Qian’s face, not solely because Wen Ran revealed that MO Xiuchen became independent at an early age, but rather due to the element of pity that seeped deep into her tone. Li Qian felt that only someone who loved profoundly would empathize with someone else’s hardships to this extent; pitying the pain they’d suffered as if wishing she could take it upon herself.

Her husband, Chen Bin, came from a single-parent family and suffered a lot during his childhood. Every time he mentioned his past to her, he glossed over the difficulties casually, yet she could not hold back her tears each time she heard his stories.

“Ranran, what did Zhou Lin want from you this afternoon?”

Not wanting Wen Ran to feel upset over MO Xiuchen’s past experiences, Li Qian changed the subject.

Wen Ran told Li Qian about the diary that Zhou Lin had given her, also mentioning that Zhou Lin was about to leave G City in a few days.

Li Qian remarked sentimentally, “Zhou Lin is willing to give you her father’s diary, it seems she hasn’t lost her conscience completely like Zhou Mingfu.”

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“We should thank Xiao Wenqing for that. It was Xiao Wenqing and MO Zixuan who left her with no place to turn. Perhaps, we should also thank the child in her belly.”

Women are strange creatures, especially those with children. They often behave unpredictably. Many women would rather sacrifice themselves for their children. This shows how great a mother’s love really is.

Li Qian nodded, then spoke after a moment, “Ranran, I may resign after the New Year. Please let President Wen know, so that he can start finding a replacement soon. I will tutor the replacement before I leave.”

“Why resign?”

Wen Ran widened her eyes in shock. To her, Li Qian was more than just a secretary, but a close confidant. She had joined Wen Family Company immediatelv after graduation and had been there for Quite a few vears.

Li Qian gave a slight smile, “My husband and I are planning to have a child. We’ve been married for many years, and he’s always indulged me, allowing me to wait until I was ready to have a child. Now, I think it’s time. President Wen should be able to recover after the New Year, and then I can resign with peace of mind.”

Wen Ran frowned, not wanting her to leave at all, “Sister Li, even if you and Big Brother Chen are planning to have a child, you don’t have to hurry to resign. Wait until you’re pregnant, and if you really can’t work by that time, I’ll hire a couple of assistants to support you so you won’t have to work hard.”

Li Qian was touched, “But that wouldn’t be fair, I would just be freeloading. I don’t necessarily need to resign right after the New Year, I just wanted to give you a heads up so you can prepare mentally. Based on your Big Brother Chen’s personality, he definitely won’t agree to let me work once I get pregnant.”

Wen Ran pouted, realizing that Li Qian made sense. Chen Bin was an exceptionally good husband once in a lifetime, Li Qian would undoubtedly be pampered once she got pregnant.

“Alright, though I hate to see you leave, for the sake of your future child with Big Brother Chen, I have to agree.”

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Li Qian laughed and said, “Why don’t you and MO Xiuchen also hurry up and have a baby? We can then have company.”

Wen Ran chuckled, “This matter isn’t up to me alone. However, we’re going with the flow, so who knows, maybe we will have a baby soon.”

“What do you mean company?

As her voice fell, Qin Mu stepped out of the kitchen. The delicious aroma of his cooking wafted along with him as he strode toward them with his long legs.

Li Qian shot him a look, “We were discussing a secret of the woman’s house, which outsiders can’t know, and you men definitely can’t know. Is your dish prepared?”

Qin Mu paused slightly. When he heard Li Qian say it was their women’s secret, he instinctively looked at Wen Ran. She was smiling brightly and asked in a light tone, “Qin Mu, what did you cook? Did you and Xiuchen cook the same dish?”

Qin Mu’s eyes flickered for a moment. He avoided Wen Ran’s bright eyes and said indifferently, “It’s not the same dish.”

“Now it’s Xiuchen’s turn. Sister Li, let Qin Mu keep you company. I’m going to check on him.”

Wen Ran saw MO Xiuchen’s upright figure standing in front of the colored glaze counter in the kitchen. He was holding a spatula. Her eyes lit up, and she got up and walked quickly into the kitchen..

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