Chapter 2702: Twins

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Before this, many young ladies, famous businessmen, and collaborators from various brands who had obtained tickets to the anniversary celebration had already started to post their invitations on Weibo.

Of course, Jiang Yunhuan caught the most attention.

She was a starlet who had just debuted this year and was receiving a lot of attention. Secondly, most of the people who could get invitations were of high status. There were relatively few artistes. She was unique among the artistes, so she naturally attracted everyone’s attention.

For a moment, her fans were paying close attention to her movements.

As for Qiao Weiyang, because of her previous scandal with Su Zhuoqian, everyone paid attention to whether she had gotten an invitation.

Fans, anti-fans, and people from all walks of life were all waiting for Qiao Weiyang to post her invitation.

However, even on the day of the anniversary, she did not post an invitation.

Naturally, mocking voices were directed at Qiao Weiyang.

There was no movement on Qiao Weiyang’s Weibo.

At the event location of the anniversary banquet..

The colorful lights illuminated the event location brightly and festively. All the decorations were extravagant, and people came and went. They were all men and women with high status in various industries.

Amidst the fragrant clothes and hair, people came and went. It was extremely lively.

There was no lack of reporters in the crowd.

Of course, these reporters were very different from those reporters from the tabloids. They were all famous reporters from financial newspapers and various satellite TV stations.

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They were also extremely proud to receive the Su family’s invitation.

At the scene, they also did their best to find news materials for publicity.

Seeing Jiang Yunhuan appear, the reporters naturally went forward.

Jiang Yunhuan got out of the car and appeared at the event location.

She had specially chosen an evening gown that looked exquisite and beautiful, matching her young face completely. She lifted the hem of her dress and saw many reporters as soon as she got out of the car.

She smiled. “Hello, everyone.”

“Hello, Miss Jiang.” The reporters immediately gathered around.

As one of the few female artistes at the event location, Jiang Yunhuan was very popular.

Many of her fans were also holding signs and shouting her name. After seeing her post her invitation online, they knew that she was going to appear and had long waited for her here. They wanted to show her their support.

However, the fans could only appear outside the hotel at most and could not enter.

Jiang Yunhuan waved at everyone, causing the fans to scream.

“Miss Jiang, it’s really unexpected and well-deserved for you to be at such an event location,” the reporter said politely.

Jiang Yunhuan smiled and said, “Don’t be surprised. Actually, this is the invitation my mother got for me. It’s all thanks to my family.”

“Not only are you a popular artist, but you’re also the daughter of the Jiang family. No wonder you could appear on such an occasion.” “Thank you, everyone. I feel very honored too.”

Accompanied by her manager, Jiang Yunhuan walked in.

Behind her, the fans were still screaming and supporting her.

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There were already many socialites inside. When they saw Jiang Yunhuan and heard the voices of those fans, those who knew her and those who did not could not help but show a trace of envy.

Her good manners and appearance as a female artiste made Jiang Yunhuan stand out from the crowd.

To be liked by so many fans, even those successful young ladies and socialites could not help but think highly of her.

Hearing the low discussions around her, Jiang Yunhuan was very satisfied with the topic of conversation caused by her arrival. Many people had already come forward to greet her.

“Miss Jiang! What a rare guest!”

“Miss Jiang, the detective show you’re recently starring in is really thrilling.” Jiang Yunhuan smiled and said, “Thank you for your kindness.”

“Miss Jiang, did President Su personally invite you here today?” someone asked with a smile.

Jiang Yunhuan naturally did not respond. Not to mention the Jiang family, but even the Xu family was not worthy enough for Su Zhuoqian to personally invite them. She knew this very well.

Everyone only had some business dealings with each other, so they got the chance to appear at the event location.

Even so, it was enough for her.

Soon, Xu Feng and Qiao Dongliang appeared.

Jiang Yunhuan heard a commotion. “The young man over there is the biological son of the Xu family. I heard that he’s called Dongliang. He’s indeed a good -looking man.”

“I heard that Qiao Dongliang and Qiao Weiyang have a good relationship.

They’re not biological siblings anymore. Maybe Qiao Dongliang and Qiao

Weiyang can develop their relationship.”

“Yeah, it’s hard to say how things will go. Anyway, they’re not related by blood.”

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“Qiao Dongliang looks really good. He has a dignified appearance and is not inferior to Xu Feng. The Xu family is really lucky to have such two good sons.”

“That’s right. Instead of casually spreading rumors about her relationship with

President Su, Qiao Weiyang might as well develop her relationship with Qiao Dongliang. Qiao Dongliang is really not bad. After inheriting the family business in the future, he’ll be the head of the Xu family.”

When Jiang Yunhuan heard these words, she immediately walked toward Qiao

Dongliang. “Dongliang, you’re here too?”

“Yes, I wasn’t as early as you.” Qiao Dongliang smiled.

“I just finished an event. This place was on the way, so I came a little early.”

When everyone saw Jiang Yunhuan and Qiao Dongliang talking, someone remembered and said, “By the way, do you know that the Xu and Jiang families actually have a marriage agreement?”

“Yes, I remember now. In the past, it was Jiang Yunhuan and Xu Feng. But now that Qiao Dongliang has returned…”

When Jiang Yunhuan heard these discussions, she knew that she should make a choice.

She smiled and said, “Dongliang, don’t leave after the anniversary celebration. I want to talk to you and Aunt.”

“Coincidentally, I have something to tell you too.” Qiao Dongliang could not wait to clarify things with her as soon as possible.

“Alright.” Jiang Yunhuan nodded gently.

She could take this opportunity today to settle the matter with Qiao Dongliang so that she would not have to rack her brain trying to choose between Xu Feng and Qiao Dongliang.

Today was the best day to finalize things.

Xu Feng brought Qiao Dongliang to meet people. Jiang Yunhuan was immediately surrounded by some socialites. “Yunhuan, it turns out that you’re really engaged to the legitimate young master of the Xu family.”

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“I envy you. You’re successful in your career, and your life is so enviable.”

“Not bad. Qiao Dongliang seems to be a very good man. In time, he’ll definitely be more outstanding.”

Jiang Yunhuan felt comfortable being complimented. She smiled and said,

“This is all my family’s arrangement. I’m just following my family’s decisions.” “If my family arranged such a handsome man for me, I’d be happy to do it too.”

“That’s right. There are really too few high-quality men nowadays. It turns out that you’ve already decided on him. No wonder we can’t find any high-quality boyfriends on the market..”

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