Chapter 2703: Twins

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Everyone surrounded Jiang Yunhuan and gossiped, greatly satisfying Jiang Yunhuan’s vanity.

One of the women said, “Huh, I just heard that Qiao Weiyang is here too. She’ll be here soon.”

Jiang Yunhuan heard that. Qiao Weiyang was here?

“Does she have an invitation?” she asked immediately. Realizing that she had spoken too quickly, she added, “I mean, the Qiao family is bankrupt now. If not because of the Qiao family, how did she get an invitation?”

Someone immediately shook their head. It was obvious that one had to rely on their family’s connections to come to such an occasion.

If not, it would be a little strange.

Jiang Yunhuan could not help but glance at Qiao Dongliang. Could it be that Qiao Dongliang had given Qiao Weiyang a chance?

With the relationship between the siblings, it was really possible.

She immediately said, “Why don’t we go over and take a look?”

Everyone had nothing to do anyway. The socialites who were surrounding Jiang Yunhuan were at the bottom of the hierarchy. They could not come into contact with the higher-ups of Su Group, so they were happy to watch the show.

Everyone followed Jiang Yunhuan to the reception area.

Sure enough, after a while, a car slowly drove over.

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A security guard went forward to open the car door, and Qiao Weiyang walked out.

She was wearing a champagne-colored evening gown that outlined her tall and slender figure. She was holding a small bag of the same color in her hand. Her makeup was exquisite. When she appeared in front of everyone, she was like a beautiful moon, surpassing all the bright lights at the event location.

Jiang Yunhuan was originally the most outstanding woman at the event location. When Qiao Weiyang appeared, even Jiang Yunhuan could not help but feel a little ashamed.

“Sister Qiao!” Jiang Yunhuan went forward to greet her.

“Hello.” Qiao Weiyang saw that it was her and smiled.

The reporters also gathered around Qiao Weiyang. “Miss Qiao! Did you get an invitation? We didn’t even know. It’s really surprising.”

“Miss Qiao, you’re really good at keeping things a secret. You only let us know that you were coming now.”

Jiang Yunhuan couldn’t help but say, “That’s right, Sister Qiao. Why didn’t you say earlier that you were coming over? I could have come with you. Did Dongliang not give you the invitation in advance?”

When she said that, everyone understood that Qiao Weiyang’s invitation was given by Qiao Dongliang.

Qiao Weiyang’s luck was indeed quite good. The Qiao family had gone bankrupt, but she still had such an impressive brother. If she could continue to advance while relying on Qiao Dongliang, her future resources would probably be even better than before.

Without waiting for Qiao Weiyang to answer, Jiang Yunhuan continued, “Sister Qiao, it’s a good thing that you came. Today, Dongliang and I have something important to announce. As you’re his sister, I’m also deeply honored that you came to witness it.”

“Something important?” Qiao Weiyang was a little surprised.

“That’s right. It’s about the previous engagement. Sister Qiao, please support me when the time comes,” Jiang Yunhuan said with a smile.

“Okay, I will.” Qiao Weiyang did not refuse.

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She looked at everyone. Some of the socialites were covering their mouths and secretly laughing while discussing something.

Qiao Weiyang quickly heard it. Someone was whispering, “She even has a scandal with President Su. I think it’ll be a little funny if she doesn’t even get to see President Su today.”

“It doesn’t matter who the scandal is with. She really overestimated herself by provoking President Su.”

These socialites were very friendly to Jiang Yunhuan, who had a good family background.

However, for Qiao Weiyang, who had a poor family background and whose family was bankrupt, they could not help but be biased.

They all knew that it was difficult to survive in the entertainment industry. In their opinion, it was only natural for Jiang Yunhuan to stand out. If Qiao

Weiyang could stand out, it meant that she had done a lot of things in secret.

Jiang Yunhuan heard these discussions but smiled without saying anything.

They suddenly heard a gasp from the crowd.

Jiang Yunhuan followed everyone’s gaze and looked ahead. She saw Su Zhuoqian.

He had always kept a low profile, but some people had seen him on different occasions.

However, no matter how many times she saw him, she could not help but be stunned by him.

The socialites placed their hands on their chests and could not help but follow him. Looking at his handsome face, they knew that the rumors were not fake. It would probably be extremely difficult to get close to him.

However, even though they did not dare to look at him for too long, they could not tear away their gazes. They forgot why they even came here.

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Jiang Yunhuan couldn’t help but look at Su Zhuoqian a few times. Her gaze was fixed on him. She knew that even if she had ulterior motives, such a man wouldn’t belong to her.

Everyone watched Su Zhuoqian walk over. He was walking toward Qiao Weiyang.


Qiao Weiyang?!

Surprise gradually appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Su Zhuoqian stood in front of Qiao Weiyang and lowered his head to talk to her. “Didn’t we agree that I’d pick you up? Why are you here so early?”

“Yes, I happened to be free after work, so I came over myself,” Qiao Weiyang explained softly.

“Let’s go in.” Su Zhuoqian seemed to be afraid that she would be cold, so he reached out and squeezed her palm. Then, he bent his arm and let Qiao Weiyang hook her arm with his.

Watching Su Zhuoqian and Qiao Weiyang walk into the venue, these socialites couldn’t help but scream. “Oh my god, President Su is really handsome! He’s so handsome!”

“What’s going on between him and Qiao Weiyang…’

“They really seem to be together. It’s not a scandal!”

Anyone with eyes could tell that when the unapproachable Su Zhuoqian walked to Qiao Weiyang’s side, his expression was gentle and calm, as if he was a completely different person.

Moreover, even if they didn’t like Qiao Weiyang’s identity, they had to admit that Qiao Weiyang was extremely compatible with Su Zhuoqian.

Compared to the envy of the others, Jiang Yunhuan felt more uncomfortable… Her recent articles were basically a comparison of Qiao Weiyang’s boyfriend to hers.

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In her words, her boyfriend was an outstanding Prince Charming. She basically meant to compare herself to Qiao Weiyang. It was obvious that she did not believe that Qiao Weiyang had a good partner.

The more people stepped on Qiao Weiyang back then, the heavier of a slap it was to Jiang Yunhuan.

Just thinking about it now made her blush. What was she thinking? Why did she think that Qiao Weiyang wanted to compete with her for Qiao Dongliang?! Jiang Yunhuan had many fans at the door. Someone had already taken photos of Su Zhuoqian and Qiao Weiyang standing together. The two of them were leaning against each other.

However, out of caution, they did not dare to casually post these photos. No one knew what Su Zhuoqian thought! No one dared to provoke him!

However, small-scale discussions had already started..

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