Chapter 2704: Twins

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Some fans knew Qiao Weiyang’s big fan, Chang Tang, and sent him the photos to confirm.

When Chang Tang saw the photos, he slapped his thigh. [See, I told you so. The boyfriend that Weiyang found will definitely be to everyone’s satisfaction! Previously, there were people who didn’t believe me and said that Weiyang was hyping herself up! Do you understand now?! Back then, I saw President Su propose to Weiyang with my own eyes! President Su is really generous. The betrothal gifts he offered could buy the entire Jingdu City! Do you believe me now?!]

Someone immediately took a screenshot of his words and posted it.

In the hall, all the famous figures in Jingdu City were chatting happily.

Hearing Su Zhuoqian come over, they could not help but look over.

Although everyone was a little surprised to see the woman he was holding, they were not too surprised.

In the past few days, many people had already heard from the Su and Lu families that Su Zhuoqian had gotten a wife and they were very happy together. The two little princes at home had also been subdued.

Now that they could see the wife mentioned in person, she was indeed very outstanding.

Although the Qiao family’s family background was average and Qiao Weiyang was in the entertainment industry, with Su Zhuoqian’s protection, Qiao Weiyang was definitely innocent in the entertainment industry.

“President Su.”

“President Su.”

Everyone greeted him.

Su Zhuoqian held Qiao Weiyang’s hand and walked out of the crowd to stand in front of everyone.

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“Everyone,” Su Zhuoqian said.

Everyone gathered around him.

He held Qiao Weiyang’s fingers and said solemnly and calmly, “Let me introduce my wife to everyone. This is Qiao Weiyang, my wife. Weiyang, these are all VIPs of the Su family.”

There were not many embellishments in his words. The word ‘wife’ was enough to describe Qiao Weiyang.

Everyone couldn’t help but look at Qiao Weiyang.

She met everyone’s gazes generously and smiled politely in response. She was calm and natural.

Everyone’s impression of her improved.

That night, other than Jiang Yunhuan, there were also people who said that they had seen Qiao Weiyang at the anniversary celebration.

Of course, the former was definitely legitimate news. Nobody was surprised by it.

As for the latter, there was a question mark on whether it was hype or not.

The fans were still inclined to believe that it was impossible, especially when there were people saying that Su Zhuoqian was holding Qiao Weiyang’s hand.

Everyone knew what a difficult man Su Zhuoqian was. How could Qiao Weiyang win over such a man?

Regarding Chang Tang’s words, everyone just felt that Qiao Weiyang’s fans were as crazy as her.

Then, a reporter from a financial newspaper posted: [Su Zhuoqian, the president of Su Group, participated in the anniversary celebration with his wife.]

The accompanying photo was a photo of Su Zhuoqian and Qiao Weiyang appearing hand in hand.

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In the photo, the man was tall and slender while the woman was tall. The two of them looked extremely compatible and enviable.

Those anti-fans who had been mocking Qiao Weiyang were instantly slapped in the face and rendered speechless.

Jiang Yunhuan’s fans also felt embarrassed. Previously, they had always felt that Jiang Yunhuan’s boyfriend was the best. Now, it seemed that no one could surpass Su Zhuoqian.

Although Qiao Weiyang’s fans had vented their anger, they were as open-minded as Qiao Weiyang. [Actually, it’s ridiculous to compare boyfriends. What’s there to compare? It’s fine as long as you choose the one who’s most suitable for you.]

[That’s right. Our Weiyang won’t show off because of this, nor will she feel that other people’s boyfriends aren’t good enough. Who’s the one who keeps stepping on them and comparing them? What’s there to compare?]

As the saying went, fans followed their idols. The fans’ thoughts were indeed the same as Qiao Weiyang’s.

After the anniversary banquet ended, Qiao Weiyang and Su Zhuoqian stepped forward to politely bid farewell to the guests.

When Jiang Yunhuan saw Qiao Weiyang again, the smile on her face was as awkward as it could be.

“Sister Qiao…” she called out slowly.

“Yes, thank you for coming to the Su Group’s anniversary banquet today.” Qiao Weiyang treated her like other guests.

Jiang Yunhuan felt even more embarrassed. The corners of her lips twitched as she recalled the bragging.

She said, “I’m going to look for Qiao Dongliang.”

“Go ahead.” Qiao Weiyang nodded.

Qiao Weiyang turned around and said to Su Zhuoqian, “They might be talking about canceling the engagement. Let them be.”

Qiao Dongliang was with Madam Xu. Seeing Jiang Yunhuan coming over, Madam Xu smiled and said, “Yunhuan, I heard from Dongliang that you have something to tell me?”

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“That’s right, Aunt. I want to tell you about our engagement.” Jiang Yunhuan felt that it was best to seize the opportunity.

“Coincidentally, I want to talk to you about that too. Yunhuan, I said last time that I would arrange a time to talk with you, but who knew that you wouldn’t be free? Ah Feng and Dongliang have already told me their thoughts. They think that this engagement is too childish and that what they said when they were young shouldn’t count. Therefore, they both think that it’s better to announce this matter to the public and tell everyone that it’s a misunderstanding. What do you think?” Madam Xu said kindly.

“Huh?” Jiang Yunhuan was stunned.

“I know it’s definitely not appropriate to say this directly, so I’ve reached out to your mother. When the time comes, our two families will have a meal together and settle this matter.”

Jiang Yunhuan did not expect this.

She originally wanted to choose between the two of them, but in the end, the two brothers did not like her at all.

But if they didn’t like her, why did they come to the event location to visit her previously?

When she came back to her senses, her mother was already walking over.

Madam Xu was engaged in a conversation with her. Jiang Yunhuan was a little emotional. “Qiao Dongliang, why did you and Xu Feng come to visit last time?”

Qiao Dongliang was a little confused. “Brother and I wanted to go and support my sister… Couldn’t we?”

Jiang Yunhuan clenched her fists angrily and was speechless.

The matter of Qiao Weiyang and Su Zhuoqian being together was still blowing up.

The announcement was not sudden, but the outside world still reacted fervently. It actually paralyzed Weibo for two hours.

Obviously, the official announcement of this matter had exceeded many people’s expectations.

Not many people would take such things seriously.

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After two hours of emergency repairs, Weibo finally returned to normal. Only then did all kinds of netizens finally understand the whole story. They found out the truth a step later than the fans and anti-fans.

Most people still gave their blessings. After all, the two of them looked too compatible in the photos.

[I didn’t expect the low-key President Su to be so good-looking!]

[I’m even more surprised that these two people look like a married couple!] [I’m very surprised. When I first saw the photos, I thought they were announcing the main male and female leads of a production. In the end, this is reality.. Why is reality more perfect than my dream?]

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