Ch. 342

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Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031


Yun Ting didn’t even look at her. After doing all this, he was already gone and stood as straight as a pillar next to Lin Mumu.

An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan both felt too much pressure and unconsciously took two steps back to keep their distance from that person.
Only Lin Mumu carelessly reached out to hold his arm, as if she was declaring sovereignty, and it seemed like a very casual and natural gesture.

As for Inoue Noko’s question, Yun Ting didn’t speak, but Qiu Feng was not mute.

He had long been dissatisfied with the siblings, and now was the moment for a slap in the face, so of course he couldn’t miss it!

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No, Qiu Feng didn’t say it himself, he wanted someone to support him.
“Classmate Qiu Jun, go pick up the arrows and give them an answer.”

Hey, hey, brother, I’m not from Yenching University! I’m from the University of Washington next door!

Forget it, Qiu Jun loved clearing Yun Ting’s name the most! That was his second brother who was closer than his own brother, his male god, and his idol!

After Qiu Jun ran all the way to pull out the arrow, he immediately sighed: “Scattered, shot at the same time, lined up, every date is shot in the center of the date core. This level is simply amazing, who wants to challenge it, I’ll buy dates for you right away! How about it, are you coming?”
Qiu Jun had the sunshine and vigor of a student, unlike Qiu Feng and Yun Ting, who put a lot of pressure on others. His words immediately received responses from many boys. They asked almost in unison: “Are you coming?”

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“Are you coming?”

Inoue Kazuki had already reached the outskirts of the square at this time. He simply turned a deaf ear, did not look back, and continued to walk out until he left.

He had stopped for a few seconds just now, thinking that it would be a honor to defeat Yun Ting once.
Later, when Qiu Jun talked about date seeds, he had no idea at all.

He could hit the dates, but the location of the dates was not just a problem, it also required some skill. He had practiced before, and he couldn’t hit even one, let alone seven!

Such a scene was simply a humiliation for Inoue Kazuki.

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Even though he was calm enough, the smile on his face began to stiffen. In the end, he didn’t even know if anyone was talking to him.
Inoue Kazuki was gone, but Inoue Noko was still there.

Regarding the provocation just now, Inoue Noko was able to come back!

“I told you that Major General Yun’s abilities are more than that. It turns out that he has hidden secrets. He is indeed the man I like!”

Recently, Inoue Noko was very popular among the boys of Yanda because of her lively and cheerful personality and hot and exciting outfits. She already had the momentum of surpassing An Xiaoqin, the freshman school beauty of this year.
The main reason was that Inoue Noko was from Sakurajima and An Xiaoqin was from China. Moreover, An Xiaoqin had the prettier face, so she could keep her position as the school beauty.

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But there were really many boys who were obsessed with Inoue Noko. Her hot, sexy and avant-garde dress was really eye-catching.

Autumn was starting to get colder, and girls were all wearing trousers. But she still wore 13-inch skirts with bare legs, which was so exciting.

Her top was also a popular summer denim short suspender belt, with a gap squeezed on it and a flat belly exposed in the middle. She even wore a ring on her belly button in an avant-garde way.

This kind of Inoue Noko was definitely the hottest scenery in autumn.
She was a little prodigal who made boys want to commit crimes and girls feel cold when they looked at her.

Moreover, several experienced boys said that Inoue Noko looked very much like the recently popular heroine in Sakurajima’s restricted art film. So looking at her made them feel better.

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