Ch. 343

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Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031


Now there was a man that Inoue Noko openly claimed to like, and he immediately attracted countless eyes.

The most attractive thing about Yun Ting was not his good looks, but the human-shaped pendant hanging on his arm.
Lin Mumu didn’t care about the eyes of the people around her at all. He was her legal man, with a certificate! Protected by the law! Why couldn’t she hold his arm?

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On the contrary, Inoue Noko had the same problem as Inoue Kazuki. She still came to provoke her even when it hurt. It was really annoying.

Lin Mumu smiled and responded politely: “Thank you classmate Inoue for praising my husband. But you probably didn’t learn Chinese very well. Next time, don’t use the word ‘like’ to refer to a married man. Appreciation and like are two different meanings. You can ask your Chinese teacher for details. Otherwise, if his wife hears you, she will think you are an indecent person, which will cause unnecessary misunderstandings and will also be a loss to your own reputation.”

“I know you are his wife, but I just like Yun Ting, and I can compete with you for him. As long as he is willing, he can divorce you and marry me. If your Chinese law have any restrictions on divorce, I am willing to be his lover. He deserves my love.” Inoue Noko said calmly, and she didn’t think there was anything wrong with thinking about other people’s men.
Lin Mumu was also very uncomfortable. It felt very awkward that her man was thought about by someone else again and again.

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Fortunately, Yun Ting responded immediately: “I have no interest in you, and I don’t want to even look at you. Please respect yourself. I have no interest in you Miss Inoue. Please don’t say such things to destroy my family, otherwise.”

Yun Ting didn’t say anything else, but stared at Inoue Noko with a dangerous look.

Just a look made Inoue Noko feel a chill on her back. It felt like someone suddenly smashed a huge ice block on her back, and it was cold to the bone.
Inoue Noko suddenly didn’t dare to speak, and felt that all the words were blocked in her throat by Yun Ting’s eyes.

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But this was only a momentary feeling. After a while, after Yun Ting’s eyes moved away, Inoue Noko regained her anger, gave Lin Mumu an angry look, and rushed to Qiu Feng’s podium.

“This classmate, aren’t you being very rude?” Qiu Feng pulled his face. He had enough of this Inoue Noko. “Didn’t your previous school teach you the basic principles of respecting teachers?”

“Aren’t you looking for someone to demonstrate? I’ll do it!” Inoue Noko was not polite at all: “Lin Mumu, your husband is a good archer, I think you can also shoot well, I challenge you!”
After saying this, Inoue Noko didn’t wait for Lin Mumu to respond, and she drew her bow and shot arrows very quickly, one arrow at a time, with continuous movements, and every arrow hit a bullseye.

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Her level was far behind Qiu Feng and Yun Ting, but it was definitely much better than ordinary students who had never practiced. It was difficult for boys to do it, let alone girls.

Especially girls like Lin Mumu who looked weak and delicate, it didn’t seem like they can play this trick at all.

“What kind of logic is this? Do people have to give their husbands to you just because they can’t shoot arrows? We are college students, of course we compare grades. Lin Mumu is first in liberal arts. Do you have the ability to score higher than Lin Mumu? What’s the point of comparing such a side hobby? Are you bullying others because you have learned archery?” Chen Fangya was the first to be unhappy.

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