Chapter 667: ! ‘Il give Yu little nine as! gift!

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After Bai Ye entered the waterfall, she felt that her body was being pushed into the distance at an extreme speed, out of her control. After an unknown period of time, the purple color gradually dissipated, and it was as if the sun was gently shining on her face.

“Swish Swish Swish Swish”

The spirit Qi was so dense that it was comparable to her immortal realm. It rushed towards her, causing the juniors of the Beitang Hall to exclaim in joy.

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this little moon is indeed a place where great opportunities are hidden. We just need to find a place to cultivate here and leave when the time is right. This is a great opportunity. The few of them said excitedly.

They heard the murmuring of a stream and looked over. They saw a small stream filled with spiritual energy and the fragrance of spiritual herbs. On the other side of the stream, there were spirit beasts swimming around, looking at them fearlessly across the stream.

“Argh! Look, there’s a unicorn there, a pure-blooded one-horned beast!” A Beitang junior pointed at the other side of the stream in shock.

Everyone looked in the direction he pointed out and saw a snow-white spirit beast with horns! The other party was still blinking her large, misty eyes that were filled with spiritual energy, and looking straight at them.

“Hurry up! quickly kill that unicorn! Its blood is worth more than level six healing pills! Its horns can be refined into top-grade spirit treasures, its bones can be used to make bows, and its flesh can increase one’s cultivation!

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Swish Swish Swish!

For a moment, countless arrows were shot towards the unicorn, but the latter was like a thin light, instantly disappearing without a trace. It seemed that the other party dared to look at them directly, so it had something to rely on.

what a pity. Otherwise, I would have captured him as a means of transportation. I don’t want him anymore. It would be great to roast him and eat him. Bai Ye’s face was filled with regret. It was all these dorks ‘fault for alarming it. Otherwise, if she had sneaked over quietly, she would have definitely gotten what she wanted.

The first half of her sentence made the younger generation of the Beitang family nod, but the second half made them speechless. Speaking of which, shouldn’t delicate and pretty women dote on this kind of beautiful beast? What?

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Eating baked buns

“I agree, I agree! Roast it and eat it. ” Little Ling, who had suddenly become active, shrieked in agreement, drooling with desire. This made Bai Ye instantly remember that she was actually a little foodie.

“Let’s go. It’s good to pick some spiritual herbs.” Bai Ye called out to her. Ever since she had cultivated the heaven’s Scripture, ” sensing objects chapter, ” she had a keen sense of all living things. She could sense anything that was hidden in a field of low-grade spirit herbs with a single sense.

Except for her and the juniors of the Beitang, the juniors of the other forces obviously didn’t care about these ” low-level spiritual herbs. they had all set out for the depths of the little moon when the unicorn was young.

After all, they would only be considered to have truly stepped into the lesser moon after passing through the mountain pass in front of them. Bai su ‘er and the rest of the mystic fairy sect were waiting for them here.

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that’s great. Although the level is a little low, the quality is very good. It’ll be very good to take them back as supplementary medicine.

The purpose of Beitang’s juniors was to gain experience, not to fight for a big opportunity, so when they saw these spiritual herbs that they didn’t even bother to touch, they were overjoyed and directly picked them madly.

Bai Ye also caught a few spirit herbs that were trying to escape after being targeted by her. However, when she threw them into the immortal land, they thought that they had escaped and continued to find a place to stay, completely unaware that they had changed their residence.

After a round of harvesting, Bai Ye was attracted by a water-based Level 5 spiritual herb to the side of a stream. The stream was extremely clear! Bai Ye focused his gaze and looked over. He had not seen the spirit herb, but he saw …

Yu xiaojiu?

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