Chapter 328: Chapter 325: Gifting a Spirit Weapon_l

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He didn’t know what kind of ultimate technique this Mountain God Roar was. He had never heard of the name before, and today was the first time he heard of it. How could he know how powerful it was?

However, with the second brother of the Black Mountain Crow Brothers shouting so loudly, he understood just how powerful the Mountain God Roar was.

This was not an ordinary kind of power.

The Mountain God Roar attacked the soul specifically.

When shouted, it was like a thunderclap on a sunny day, directly targeting the soul. If one’s cultivation of the divine soul wasn’t strong enough, being shouted at like this would certainly stun them on the spot. In severe cases, the soul would be injured directly. This was similar to the effect of the Dazzling Mind Bell, but the Mountain God Roar was much more powerful.

The Dazzling Mind Bell was an inferior product, so its power had limitations.

What about the Mountain God Roar?

He knew that with his current martial arts cultivation at the sixth level of the Spirit Martial Realm, combined with the divine soul cultivation method given by the Mermaid Tribe, his protection of the soul was like a solid golden soup, perfect and flawless.

However, even so, he was shaken by Bear Elder Two’s Mountain God Roar in less than two breaths, almost unable to hold on.

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If this had lasted longer, wouldn’t it have been a big problem?

At least he knew he couldn’t bear it.

Looking at the momentum of Bear Elder Two, the shout that just came out was far from reaching the limit. It was clear that shouting for another ten or eight breaths was no big deal.

Yang Chen took a deep breath in secret, realizing the power of the Mountain God Roar.

Spirit weapons that specifically attacked the soul were rare and precious, and cultivation methods that specifically targeted the soul were even rarer, far more precious than spirit weapons.

There was no choice. Although specializing in attacking the soul was malicious, it was the most practical. When used against enemies, it often caught them off guard and suddenly restrained them within an invisible force. It was something countless martial artists dreamt of, but the power to specifically attack the soul was scarce, despite being powerful.

Moreover, even if there were such powers, they would be far inferior to the Mountain God Roar inherited within the memory of the Black Mountain Black Bear Clan.

Yang Chen couldn’t help but marvel inwardly, thinking that the inherited memory of the Black Mountain Black Bear Clan was indeed a treasure.

At least the understanding of the Mountain God Roar would be useful in future battles.

As he thought, Yang Chen gradually entered a state of cultivation.

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On the second day, Yang Chen arrived at the Top 32 competition as scheduled. As soon as he arrived, he had already changed to the clothing of the Yuanshan Sect, which caused quite a stir.

“It’s Yang Chen!”

“Yang Chen is wearing Yuanshan Sect clothes, the rumors must be true, Yang

Chen has joined the Yuanshan Sect. The days ahead will be interesting. The Six

Sects originally wanted to catch up with the Three Hegemons in this Genius Selection Competition, but with Yang Chen joining the Yuanshan Sect, the gap between the Six Sects and the Three Hegemons is getting wider.” “I didn’t expect Yang Chen to not join Beishan Main City but enter the

Yuanshan Sect and become a member of them.”

“The conditions offered by the Yuanshan Sect aren’t low either; they directly gave Yang Chen the position of Young Sect Master. How could it be worse? I think it’s normal for Yang Chen to join the Yuanshan Sect. Instead, it’s not surprising that Beishan Main City didn’t express their stand first, causing Yang Chen to be disappointed.”

For a while, there was a lot of discussion, and Yang Chen wearing the Yuanshan Sect clothes here really surprised people.

Yang Chen had anticipated this and didn’t mind it. It was when he and the Zhou family members arrived at the viewing platform that he felt something. Looking up, he saw two elders in the same Yuanshan Sect clothes as him, appearing in front of him at some point.

When these two old men stood in front of Yang Chen, they slightly saluted: “Young Sect Master!”

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“We both pay our respects to the Young Sect Master.”

Seeing the clothes worn by the two men and feeling the martial arts cultivation level they emitted, Yang Chen was slightly surprised. These two elders must be at least at the seventh or eighth level of the Yuan Martial Realm, which was not something the elders of the Six Sects could compare to.

Thinking of this, Yang Chen had some guesses, Imowing that these two people wearing Yuanshan Sect clothes were mostly elders and deacons of the Yuanshan Sect. He said gently, “What brings you two…?”

“Young Sect Master, we came here today by the order of the Sect Leader. Please accept this storage bag…” The two elders laughed and treated Yang Chen with great respect, with no other thoughts. Even in their words, they directly addressed Yang Chen as the Young Sect Master.

As their words fell, the two men handed the storage bag to Yang Chen and left without saying more.

This puzzled Yang Chen. Looking at the storage bag, he didn’t rush to open it, but pondered in his heart.

Being the Young Sect Master had some advantages. At least within the Yuanshan Sect, he could command any martial artist who wasn’t particularly exceptional at the Yuan Martial Realm. This was normal since he was regarded as the future Sect Leader and was being trained for that position. Even with a poor background, he wouldn’t be limited to just the 5th or 6th level of the Yuan Martial Realm.

If that’s the case, it’s unreasonable for those without special status in the Yuanshan Sect not to try to please him when they see him.

It’s the law of the jungle, and the rules are as such.

Thinking about this, Yang Chen rubbed his eyebrows, opened the storage bag, and took a closer look.

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With one glance, Yang Chen was overjoyed.

Mb Båishéng was really thoughtful. In the storage bag, there were two exquisite spirit weapons, one of which was a heart-protecting mirror, and the other a pair of boots.

Although Yang Chen couldn’t name the heart-protecting mirror and boots, he could see that they were both valuable items.

This was where Mil Båishéng showed his thoughtfulness.

By the Top 32 competition, there were only tough characters left, most of them being direct disciples of some sects. These direct disciples of sects usually carried one or two spirit weapons with them. Yang Chen was, after all, the Sect Leader of the Yuanshan Sect, and the spirit weapons he carried couldn’t be worse than those of othersAnd beyond that, Mb Båishéng’s choice of spirit weapons was even more carefully selected.

These two spirit weapons, a heart-protecting mirror, and a pair of boots, were exactly what he needed, weren’t they?

Yang Chen felt the boots and carefully weighed them, knowing that they were a treasure that could enhance his movement speed when filled with true qi. They were extremely effective in practical combat and exactly what Yang Chen needed now. After all, he had just learned the Lightning Movement Technique in just one night, and he couldn’t control it proficiently yet.

As for the heart-protecting mirror, it was an extremely rare spirit weapon, even among spirit weapons.

The heart-protecting mirror had a wide range of uses. Yang Chen infused it with a bit of true qi, and the mirror immediately absorbed his true qi. It was obvious that the heart-protecting mirror was a valuable defensive item.

Yang Chen smiled slightly, knowing that Mil Båishéng was indeed generous, offering him two spirit weapons right away.

With these two spirit weapons, his chances of victory increased greatly..

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