Chapter 329: Chapter 326: The Genius of Sun Star City_l

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Soon, when the double-hour came, all the talented contestants entered the venue, and Steward Feng stood up with his hands behind him, rising into the air and floating steadily.

With his hands on his back, Steward Feng spoke calmly, “Since everyone who is supposed to be here is already present, the next competition can now begin…” “Hehe, Feng Jingang, why are you in such a hurry?”

Before Steward Feng could finish speaking, suddenly, a few extremely powerful Qi presences descended upon this place. This made the Three Hegemons and Six Sects at the scene gasp and look up at the extra group of people appearing in the sky with narrowed eyes, their expressions becoming extremely serious.

Steward Feng also frowned secretly, looking at the unexpected group of people, and stopped talking before finishing.

This tense atmosphere made Yang Chen couldn’t help but stare at the extra group of people and examine them carefully.

Upon a closer look, Yang Chen saw the appearance of the group clearly.

Leading them were three elders with profound and unfathomable Martial Arts Cultivation. Yang Chen dared not estimate their strength, but he guessed that the three of them were at least masters at the True Martial Realm level. Behind the three elders were seven or eight young people with Martial Arts Qi exuding from them, at least at the Ling Wu Realm Seventh Layer.

Looking at the appearance of these young people, most of them were only seventeen or eighteen years old. With this level of Martial Arts Cultivation, having one such prodigy was impressive, let alone seven or eight. It would be strange not to be surprised.

What surprised Yang Chen the most was something else.

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It turned out that Feng Jingang was Steward Feng’s original name.

And this group of people dared to call Steward Feng by his original name directly, which was something unheard of. Even the high-levels of Yuanshan Sect and Canghai Sect didn’t dare to call Steward Feng by his original name.

When they saw Steward Feng, they all respectfully addressed him as Steward Feng.

However, when someone called him by his name directly, Steward Feng did not show any signs of fury or rage, but just looked composed, expressionlessly retorted, “Yuan San, our North Mountain County’s Genius Selection Competition has nothing to do with your ‘Sun Star Region’. Why don’t you stay in your Sun Star Region instead of coming to our North Mountain County with such fanfare? What do you want?”

“Hehe, Feng Jingang, what do you think we want in your Beishan Main City?” Yuan San chuckled.

There is Beishan Main City in North Mountain County and Sun Star City in Sun Star Region.

“Could it be that you are here for the Emperor’s Millennial Treasure…” Steward Feng hesitated, not saying everything.

Soundproof formations had already been set up around them, so no one from the outside could hear their conversation clearly.

Thinking of the Thousand Year Treasure, Steward Feng said coldly, “Yuan San, the Thousand Year Treasure belongs to our North Mountain County. When did it become your Sun Star Region’s turn to intervene?”

Yuan San waved his hand, “Feng Jingang, I don’t like what you said. What is your North Mountain County’s possession? The Thousand Year Treasure doesn’t clearly have your North Mountain County written on it, right? Why can’t our Sun Star Region intervene?”

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Although Steward Feng was angry, there were not a few outsiders plotting for the Emperor’s Treasure, and their North Mountain County couldn’t stop them all.

With this in mind, Steward Feng said coldly, “Yuan San, if you want to pursue the Thousand Year Treasure, just do it. However, our Genius Selection Competition held in North Mountain County is still going on, so please forgive us for not being able to entertain you.”

Although their Beishan Main City and Sun Star City were both serving the royal family and governing North Mountain and Sun Star Territories, their relationship was not harmonious.

Firstly, because their Beishan Main City was far away from the Royal Territory and located on the edge of the Demon Beast Territory, with sparse spiritual energy and weak strength, they couldn’t help but be weaker when encountering other forces.

Secondly, the Sun Star Main City really had a conflict with their Beishan Main City. Sun Star Region’s strength was much stronger than North Mountain County.

Moreover, Sun Star City was much stronger than their Beishan Main City.

Now that he saw Sun Star Main City and others appearing, Steward Feng couldn’t help but panic.

He hurriedly tried to see the guests off, fearing that these wicked stars would cause some other troubles. However, Yuan San had no intention of leaving and chuckled while stroking his beard, “Feng Jingang, don’t worry too much. We old fellows don’t mind if you welcome us or not. However, these ‘little guys’ are still young, and what if your Beishan Main City had poor hospitality? Those who are understanding would say that you have too many things to do to entertain them, while those who don’t know might think you are afraid of us. If it spreads, wouldn’t the reputation of your Beishan Main City be ruined?”

Hearing this, how could Steward Feng not understand the menacing threat conveyed by Yuan San?

He immediately shouted, “Yuan San, what do you want?”

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“Hehe, nothing much,” Yuan San laughed and squinted, “It seems that your

Genius Selection Competition has reached the final level, haven’t it? Why don’t I let these young rascals from our Sun Star Region join in the fun too? Hehe, these kids are just too playful, Steward Feng, don’t take it to heart.”

After hearing this, Steward Feng’s face turned cold and he shouted, “Yuan San, don’t push your luck. You want to get your hands on the Thousand Year Treasure, fine, but don’t think about messing with our Genius Selection


Not meddling?

How could it be possible?

Their appearance here today had that purpose in mind.

He had received orders from the higher-ups earlier. Without saying anything else, they were directed to go to the Beishan Main City and give them a warning during the Genius Selection Competition. In this way, it would be easy to show the power gap between the North Mountain County forces and their

Sun Star Main City when they competed for the Thousand Year Treasure.

Asking him to let it go so easily was not that simple.

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Yuan San raised the corners of his mouth and said coldly, “Feng Jingang, are you so timid in your Beishan Main City? These young people under my control are all under eighteen years old, so where would they not qualify for participating in the Genius Selection Competition?”

Steward Feng yelled, “Now that we have reached the knockout stage, we have gone through that step by step. If you want to participate, don’t you think you are disregarding the Genius Selection Competition we have organized in the Beishan Main City?”

“Hehe, rules are dead, but people are alive, Steward Feng. You don’t want us to spread the word that your Beishan Main City is as timid as a mouse and afraid to fight, do you?” Yuan San threatened with a smile on his face.

Upon hearing this, Steward Feng felt a surge of anger in his heart, but remembering the gap between their North Mountain County and the Sun Star Region, he could only suppress the anger again.

There was no way. Were the conflicts between their North Mountain County and Sun Star Region ever scarce?

But the final outcome was that their Beishan Main City suffered.


Ever since a long time ago, the younger generations just couldn’t compete with each other..

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