Chapter 330: Chapter 327: We’re All Impatient_l

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Now, the people from Sun Star City are clearly trying to challenge them, but they don’t have the courage to do so. There’s no way, the difference in strength is obvious. He also wants to represent Beishan Main City, and represent the geniuses of Beishan Main City to fight against the people from Sun Star City, but his strength is just not enough.

Although he is confident in the geniuses personally cultivated by Beishan Main City, those from Sun Star City are even more demon-like.

At least, judging by the Martial Arts Cultivation they exuded, it isn’t difficult for Steward Feng to see that several of them have reached a horrifying level, even beyond what the Beishan City’s geniuses could ever reach.

What kind of **** luck did Sun Star City have, that they could get so many excellent geniuses every year?

These geniuses were extraordinary and only became even more amazing as they received better cultivation conditions. This…

Seemingly realizing Steward Feng’s concerns, Yuan San grinned, “Feng Jingang, I told you, rules are dead, people are alive. Hehe, I know what you’re thinking. Don’t worry, our relationship between the two counties is just for fun. I’ll only let a few low-ranking little guys go up and play, it won’t hurt Beishan Main City’s face too much. Don’t worry, it won’t be a big deal. Haha.”

Steward Feng still felt that Yuan San had something up his sleeve, and his expression remained cold.

Yuan San tut-tutted, “Steward Feng, surely you’re not lacking even this much courage? I’m just sending a few lower-ranking geniuses to compete. If you can’t even muster this much courage, what will people think of your Beishan Main City? Will you continue to enjoy the protection of the Imperial Dynasty?”

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“Yuan San, those are your own words.” Steward Feng felt relieved when he heard that the other party was not going to send top-notch geniuses to compete. However, he was still uneasy when he thought about the protection of the Imperial Dynasty.

Which main city force in the county wouldn’t want to perform better, to gain deeper protection from the Imperial Dynasty? Every year, their Beishan Main City couldn’t produce any powerful individuals, causing the Imperial Dynasty to almost forget about them.

The geniuses from their Beishan County and those top-notch geniuses from Sun Star City simply couldn’t compare.

However, the second-class ones might not be so absolute.

He knew very well that Sun Star City wanted to step on the geniuses of their

Beishan County to secretly point out the matter of the Thousand Year Treasure.

But to think that it would be so easy to trample, how could that be possible?

As Steward Feng and Yuan San were discussing, the various sects on the viewing platform also began to talk. After all, when such a large group of people arrived, everyone saw it clearly, and it would be strange if they didn’t discuss it. “Who are these people?”

“Who knows.”

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There was a buzz of discussion within the Yuanshan Sect, but only Mb Båishéng, holding the side of his chair, calmly said, “These people are from Sun Star City.”

“What? Sun Star City, people from Sun Star Region?”

“Not from our Beishan County?”

“Sect Leader, what are these people from Sun Star City doing here instead of staying in their own Sun Star Region?

“This matter may have something to do with the Thousand Year Treasure, but anyway, the people from Sun Star City coming to our Beishan County is probably not good news.” Mb Båishéng rubbed his eyebrows, frowning, “It seems that our Beishan County is about to start another bloody storm.”

Yang Chen was not present at the viewing platform occupied by the Yuanshan Sect and did not hear what Mtl Båishéng said. But he was also quite curious and looked at Zhou Haoran beside him, asking, “Master Zhou, what’s going on with these people?”

Zhou Haoran, with his rich experience, still had limitations. At least with his current strength, he didn’t have enough experience to know even the affairs of the Sun Star Region.

“This…” Zhou Haoran forced a bitter smile, “I only have a little knowledge about this. I don’t know the details. Steward Feng and that man set up a soundproof formation, so I don’t know what exactly they discussed. But looking at Steward Feng’s attitude, the background of that group of people might not be small. Otherwise, with his Martial Arts Cultivation, he wouldn’t have been so courteous to those few people!”

Yang Chen understood this too. He stared at Yuan San and the others who were chatting with Steward Feng, and was just about to ponder something when the soundproof formation suddenly disappeared, and Yuan San and Steward Feng’s discussion came to an end.

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Steward Feng snorted coldly at Yuan San’s smiling face and then said, “Everyone, there will be some changes to the Top 32 competition. Since the people from Sun Star Region and Sun Star City want to join our Beishan County’s Genius Selection Competition, they have chosen four geniuses to compete in the Top 32 matches with our Beishan County geniuses.”

Upon hearing this, the geniuses who had made it into the Top 32 snorted in disdain.

They had all fought their way here, not respecting each other, and had pride in their bones. Hearing that geniuses from the outside world wanted to participate, they subconsciously didn’t take it seriously.

Yang Chen, on the other hand, was not like them. Hearing about the sudden appearance of four geniuses, he couldn’t help but ponder in his heart.

These four geniuses shouldn’t be here by chance. At least, he didn’t think that Steward Feng would set up a soundproof formation and chat with Yuan San for half a day just to humiliate them. There must be some connection with those four geniuses.

Most importantly, when he heard Rainbow mention the Martial Arts Cultivation of the geniuses brought by Yuan San, his heart was slightly shocked.

At this moment, after Steward Feng finished speaking, Yuan San waved his hand, and the four prepared geniuses stepped forward.

“These four are the contestants from our Sun Star City,” Yuan San said.

One of the four geniuses standing on the side yawned, “Elder Yuan, it seems that the geniuses from Beishan Main City are average at best.”

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Yuan San laughed and pretended to scold, “Nonsense! You little guys, all looking like you’ve never seen the world before. Where do you know that there are always stronger people outside, and a mountain higher than this one?”

Seeing Yuan San’s scolding with no intention of actually chastising, not only did Steward Feng want to explode, but the participating geniuses from Beishan County could hardly sit still.

Only Yang Chen was pondering as he narrowed his eyes to observe the four geniuses, a frown forming on his forehead.

Because, according to Rainbow, those four geniuses were the weakest four of the group of young people that Yuan San brought, and even the weakest four were comparable to the top geniuses of Beishan County.

This surprised Yang Chen quite a bit.

If the weakest four were this amazing, not much different from the top geniuses of Beishan County, how much stronger would the better ones be?

As his thoughts subsided, Yuan San stood at a high altitude, looking amiable but with a hidden meaning in his smile. “Brother Feng, can we start the competition now? The geniuses under my command are eager to start the competition…. Hehe, forgive me, forgive me!”

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